The First of Many…

Last night we headed down to the park for our first barbeque of the season. It was warm, relaxed & fun… park barbeques always are. We’ll be back again. And again. And again





I never used to be much of a fan of daylight saving – I’d have to get up in the dark to go to work, mumbling & fumbling all the while, at what was essentially an hour earlier… yuck!

Now though I definitely appreciate the extra sun, the extra time The Boy has after work to potter in the garden or kick a ball with Punk & the fact that even though “really” Miss Punk is still getting up at the same time everyday, when I look at the clock I feel as though I’ve had a nice lie-in.


  1. Cool photos Vic. Hope you are feeling good x

  2. So that's what the mr looks like!
    Does he know you've blogged a pic of him?
    I also forgot how much I love eating outside. Yay! Bring on summer I say. X

  3. We ate outside last night for the first time too!!!

  4. Sounds lovely...especially as I lay shivering on the couch, curled up wit my laptop and a heavy blanket...

  5. I love a good bbq, it's so nice sitting outside if it's not too hot! Hmmm I better be purchasing a hat methinks....

  6. The park is always a great time..Now that the weather is cooling down here we have been spending tons of time there too. Love the pic of daddy and his princess :)

  7. we just had our first BBQ too! gotta love em

  8. loooove park BBQ's. I remember them as a child and I love watching my kids store them as memories too.

  9. she keeps getting cuter and cuter! <3
    I love daylights saving too, love the extra hours of being able to do things outside, and when its warm its perfect!

  10. Yep - love the BBQ season! I love daylight saving too, but it is getting harder to persuade some little people in this house that it's still bedtime even when it's not dark! Have a great weekend! Nic

  11. My favourite part of winter ending... the first BBQ. If this rain ever lets up I plan on having one real soon!

    I don't think there's anything better than cooking outdoors with friends and family enjoying the sunshine.


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