...that's right. We're sick. All of us. We're coughing, spluttering, sniffling & sneezing constantly... and, as if that weren't bad enough, today is an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny, warm & wonderful, and it's hard to enjoy it, being all sick & sorry for ourselves! It's much easier to be sick when it's cold & miserable & there is nothing to do but curl up in front of the heater with a nice cup of tea... not when it's nice & warm & the park is calling!

Anywho... enough whinging (for now... or more precisely for the blog, rest assured the entire Punky household will be whining quite consistently for at least a few more days...), and on to something fantastic... my awesome Japanese felt food pattern books arrived today...! WOOT!!

They are so beautiful... even if I am heartily doubting my ability to even vaguely get the gist of how to make anything from the Japanese instructions, pictures & all, I am still super glad I ordered them, they are just magic to look at.

They are called Felt Vegetables and Fruits & Handmade Felt Food & Goods Vol 2 from the 'Heart Warming Life Series'... they are entirely in Japanese & entirely adorable.

Scared of hideous failure thought I am, I will not be able to stop myself from attempting at least some of these gorgeous little felt masterpieces for Punky's birthday kitchen. I especially love the little fruits & vegetables, cut in half so that the seeds show.... *swoon*


  1. I hope you all feel better!

    The felt food is AMAAAAAZING! Whenever I have kids someday, they're definitely getting a set of these - so much more fun than the plastic kind!

  2. Thank you!

    Unfortunatley Punky is suffering worst of all, but she's being very good about it.

    I just hope that my attempts at felt food goodness turns out well or there may still be last minute dash to the shops on the cards... ;)

  3. Hope you get well soon!

    I have a bunch of Japanese craft books too... they have such good ones.... I have yet to decipher instructions yet though. ;)

  4. Lots of patience with the tiny wee things ;)
    (They are adorable!)


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