More Magnificent Mail…

The weather is dismal here today – not at all the weather I was after for taking lovely pictures of something special that arrived here last week, but it worked out for the best, ooohparently, because it has made for some authentic action shots, as dark as they may be…

A while back I was whinging about wanting a quilt, I still want one, a big one, for our bed, and I will continue to whinge about it, until I pull my finger out and make one, but in the meantime I have something super sweet to tide me over when my quilt longings get too much… an adorable vintage sheet lap quilt from Deb.


For no reason.

She just made it & sent it. For us.


Touched, I am! I think it is a bit of a not-so-covert quilt maker’s conversion kit, a bit of “Look, this was so easy I just whipped it up & posted it, you can make one too!” action, she’s even put up a great tute on making MY quilt, so you can have one too, ‘cause you’re not having mine! (Or, if you really can’t find the motivation, she’s giving a quilt away!)


I say ‘mine’, oh, if only that were true! It has been unceremoniously snavelled by Miss Punk – I was waiting to know the sex of Bubba 2 before I gave it to her because it would have been perfect in a baby girl’s nursery *sniffle* – but now it’s hers & she knows it.


I told you it was cold – I had the quilt in Punk’s room on the ‘reading chair’ (formerly the ‘crafting throne’) and came in to find her quietly set up beneath it with a good book or seven, and then, just as I turned on the computer to blog this, she trudged past me, quilt in tow, and resettled on the sofa for some cartoons.


Thank you Deb, I don’t think I could really say those words enough to convey how much I really appreciate the thought & effort from someone I only know through blogland, I feel so incredibly lucky to have connected with people like you, sharing, generous, kind & creative people like you, it’s amazing, really.

(PS, that cute pink ‘jammie monster’ on Punk’s chair is a bit more mail-goodness, I bought it from Sam of Jetta’s Nest & looooooooooove it too!)


  1. Oh my goodness how gorgeous is that quilt!
    That Deb is so ridiculously talented and generous and thoughtful. I am lucky to have been the recipient of one of her wonderful packages a few months back too.
    Perfect weather for snuggling under and watching cartoons. Enjoy. X

  2. you are too lucky. too too lucky! I am not jealous, not at all...okay- a tiny bit and it might spur me into action to use deb's tute!

  3. What a wonderful thoughtful blogger - how great is that - Off to check out her blog and tute:)

  4. How lucky are you and Miss Punk!! Gorgeous quilt. Thanks for letting us know about the Quilt Give away too.

  5. Beautiful and already a well loved gift just in time to keep you warm. Enjoy your new pressie.

  6. Ahh, what a lovely pressie.
    Luckies :D

  7. What a wonderful present! Yes, if I were to visit I might just wander off with it myself.


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