Damn you facebook!

…you’ve sucked me back in to your time-consuming vortex! I had such good intentions when I quit facebook – I lasted ages too… AGES, but then, one day, when my internet had been sloooooooooowed…. riiiiiiiiiiight…. dooooooown…. I remembered that facebook took bugger-all time to load & I could still peruse all sorts of things, from Blythe pics to handmade goodness, & the rest of course, is history.

I am proud to say I am not involved in any of that “Just had toast for breakfast” palaver, or consumed by playing farm wars or mafia restaurant city or what not, but maybe I should be, because I have discovered something else.

The facebook sale. Uh. Oh.

Did you know about these….? People/stores/groups announce on their page that they’re having a sale at a certain time & upload photos to their album with the item details & the first person to write “SOLD!” after the sale has started scores the item, usually at a crazily discounted, highly sought after price. Like this ridiculously gorgeous Chalk n Cheese dress from My Poppit that I accidentally bought for $25 instead of $79.50…..


Did I already say “Uh Oh”?

Not only that, but thanks to a comment from Lauren on one of my Modern Cloth Nappy posts, I’ve discovered a Buy & sell your MCN group….

I shall be poor for eternity….!

At least I am only wasting time with one online social network – Twitter was nae for me…


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  2. La la la la la. Not listening. Gorgeous dress but I am resisting Facebook. See- even you couldn't stay away. Once they have you, it's foreeeeeeeeevvveeeeerrrrr.......

  3. Oh what a cute dress.

    Have a heap of BBH Bamboo's sitting here - maybe I should get into this facebook this:)

    Twitter is nae for me too - I can't get my head around it.

  4. you are definitely in now!
    i love those sales too, nice score!!!

    not even going to twitter

  5. i got excited about that very same sale... at least you only bought one (gorgeous) thing...

  6. Ive seen those sales, but wondered if they are actually "allowed" on facebook, i know they closed down some groups before for direct selling or giveaways , so i always be careful for my group, dont want to be deleted!!

    cute dress tho vic ;)

  7. Facebook sales are so awesome, I've definitely gotten some bargains as I see you have too :)

  8. Yup, it's evil. Ain't it grand?

  9. not here about facebook, just thinking of you wondering if you babe is going to make an appearance on Cup Day. No need to feel obliged to call him Bart in honour of Bart Cummings cause his horse didn't win... thinking of you vic x

  10. Hmmm, I'm wondering if maybe we should have all been putting bets on whether or not you had bubba on cup day? We could have had a pool for each hour. Thinking of you Vic xx


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