On your bike.

So, being a public holiday, I will not have any more news today about the house, or “The Cottage” as I have come to think of her, but that shall not stop me from worrying, hoping & planning the entire interior decor.

One thing I would really like to have in my little home, when we can finally “bang a nail in” wherever & whenever we like, is an abundance of beautiful art. I am drawn to illustrations & drawings mostly, maybe because that is what I do…? I don’t know, but I feel a deeper, quicker connection to drawings that I like than I do with paintings that I like, or even photographs, so I’ve been looking for lovely drawings lately that I can frame & admire.

I already have one lovely print ready to go – I am yet to find the right frame, but how I love this picture! I was lucky enough to win it, but I’ve only gone & forgotten where… it’s from here.


Isn’t he great? “Murray the Moose”. Brilliant.

I was thinking maybe some more bicycle themed art to go with him….? What do you think of this lot….?


“Stork Legs on a Penny Farthing”


“The Trick Rider” – not a drawing obviously, but pretty damn cool me thinks!


“1982 Schwinn Sting”


“Life is like riding a bicycle”


I actually have the remains of a bike veeeeeeeeery similar to that last one in the back yard at the moment – I fell in love when I saw it – shiny red with cool handles & white wall tires… too bad it was incredibly impractical to ride (make that ‘impossible’). I stole the seat for my current ride & plan on making one of the tires into a massive clock…


  1. nice bike art, LOVE the trick rider. Plan away, so many possibilities!
    Giant tyre clock sounds fabulous :D

  2. It does SOUND good Zof... but is it practical?! ;) We will surely find out. In the meantime, if you see giant clock inards anywhere for sale, do let me know!

  3. Hello Vic, glad to hear you had a fab festive season :)

    The moose on bike is very nice. If your looking for prints, you might like these 'free' prints from Indie Fixx. Some are just so special I cannot beleive they are free. yep. F>R>E>E!


    I printed mine on my Epson printer using Matt photo paper and the result is extraordiary - even Mark likes them - yikes.

    Ooo.... perhaps try a country furniture auction for the giant clock inards. neverknow.

  4. Oh Tracey!!!!

    I just emailed you re: your awesomeness - Thank you, thank you, thank you for that link, I had stumbled upon it before & promptly forgot about it, spent forever yesterday trying to find it again with no luck...

    Yay for you!!!


  5. i love love love vol25's work. i actually have two of her prints ~ the typewriter and the robots!

  6. Oh I love the bikes! I have everything crossed that you can get the cottage, it sounds like it will be the coolest house eva. The bike tyre clock is an awesome idea. I shall keep an eye out for giant clock innards.
    OK, off to buy that last bike print, too cute not too.


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