Not long now....

...until Christmas, is it? I certainly hate to remind you... but if it had happened to slip your mind, I think you might like the warning...? Soon you will be descended upon by long lost relatives bearing gifts, Uncles eating chunks of ham & a mountain of discarded wrapping paper that you swear could have wrapped your entire house several times over.

I wonder when the Softies for Mirabel cuties go to their new homes for Christmas...? I know they've left Mikes... where I was very glad to see my green haired girl had arrived safe & sound... can you spot her...?!


  1. I feel like I'm playing that 'Where's Wally' game! I need a clue. Please?

  2. lol Kate... okay then!

    Clue: Did she climb up there on her own? ;)

  3. Oh yeah! There she is. Isn't she clever and gorgeous!

  4. Aww - I spotted your green haired gal when pip posted that. She's in there with my poppy doll too. I hope that they bring a big smile to some little one soon.


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