Garage Sale Finds.

Obviously, the planets were all correctly aligned yesterday, as although the Punk & I were off on our treadly out in to the wild weather (Punk looking a-frikkin-dorable in her Miffy raincoat - how did I not take a picture?!), our expedition yielded some lovely results.

I can't wait until I have my licence & we can go garage saling far & wide in whatever weather the universe decides to throw at us! Even sans car we had a nice time, people are always taken with Punky, especially when she does her scrunched up piggy/demon from another world snorty face that says "I don't know you & I don't want to talk to you", they think it's charming. A fellow browser even tried to convince me to buy my own bike "Oh that seat on the front there is JUST what you need for your little girl!".

So, do you think it's fate, or what....? Three issues of BH&G that I didn't have (I have noted the other interior design mags from the comments on my last post, & I will be sure to check the oppy for them, but I don't hold out much hope! It seems my reliable BH&G is not as treasured as the others...!), a ye olde DIY repair manual (perfect for a ye olde house that will need ye olde type repairs, me thinks) & totally unrelated but wonderful all the same; a bunch of cute vintage fabric & 5 Johnny Cash records... score!

Um... one other thing... I had a dream last night (obviously because I was worrying... as I do...) that that room IS haunted, by an old lady in a granny cardy. She seemed nice enough but I was still terrified. Perhaps she could teach me to crochet....?


  1. Ooh, super score on the Cash albums!

    If it's a granny in a cardy, I imagine you'll be fine. Mayhaps I could visit and do a little shoo ghosty jig. I have quite the rapport with ye olde spirits.

  2. Now stop your stressing about the sensation you felt in your new house!!!! Heres what I know. Most old houses have them, a spirit energy of some kind. We apparently have one here!! There is allot of talk about ours. I have one neighbor who wont come to our house because she has made up all these horror stories in her head about ghosts!! Heres my take on it!!!

    1) consider it a privilege that you have one (that is if you do)
    2) Just leave it alone, allow it to live with you, watching over you and protecting you
    3) Learn to love the idea of having spirits around (you do anyway...we all have them!!)
    4) Understand that they are harmless and often are your friends or distant relatives that have passes.

    The previous owners here where convinced that they had a angry spirit, BUT the two of them were fighting like cat and dog and ended up in a total messy divorce!! If I was a spirit guide to those two I would have been PISSED OFF as well!!

    Enjoy your new home, it will be filled of character and lots of brilliant energy!! Open the windows and bring some life back into it. Your new home looks like it needs some care, attention and a whole lotta love...you can do that...I am sure!!!

    OH...I was told to burn lavender (the bush not oil) and smoke the house out before I moved in and that tells them that new people are coming in and the old people have gone. I never did and we are fine....actually better than we have ever been!!

  3. lol Lola

    Thanks Leonie... I promise I am *trying* not to worry about it... I feel silly for even thinking about it, but I can't help it! Mind you, I am basing all this worrying (and dreaming!) on a very brief visit to that particular room & nothing more than a "weird" feeling, probably intensified now by my worrying...! I know... I'm impossible! ;)

    You are right, she's going to need a lot of love, but I am just dying to get into it, I can see exactly how everything should be already, just need to get in & put my plans into action!

    Won't you share some pics of your lovely house on your blog soon? I would love to see!

  4. I think any ol spirit is lucky to have you folk moving in :) Punky's giggles will warm that place up no doubt.
    Now, I'm gettin me a new bike, and you just mentioned your front bike seat doovie. I think this is what I'd like for Zoe. Teach me please, wise one. pretty please?

  5. I used to think that our rented place in Caulfield was haunted my an old Italian lady who liked it when I cooked and cleaned. My sister (slightly in touch with the other world) told me to just tell her to go away if I didn't want her there. So, whenever there was an irish stew bubbling away on the stove and a banana cake cooling on the bench I would hollar 'off you go, we don't need another Martha Stewart here'. I found it worked wonders :)


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