My Place & Yours; Five Minutes Peace.

The adorable Pilgrim of Draw Pilgrim! is Theme Queen this week for Pip’s fun meme & she has chosen as her theme “Five Minutes Peace”;

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is...

Lovely theme Pilgrim, thank you!

Where I gain my five minutes is wherever this cup is;


It used to be wherever this cup was, but my sweet little Punk was “helping” me one day & toddled with it into the kitchen, let’s just say there was an ‘incident’. I was distraught for the morning but quickly recovered when I was out opshopping & spied this out the front of a home wares shop in the main St – LOVE! In fact, it was more like cute retro themed coffee cup lust – there were several different designs & I stood there for a painfully long (for the Punk at least) time, ummming & ahhhing, before deciding firmly on this one – I think it was the gorgeous blue sky contrasting with their clothes that got me in the end. Anyway… I digress!

Since my cup is, when in use, filled with hot coffee, or hot tea, or the occasional naughty yet satisfying hot Milo – it means that I have no choice but to slow down for a wee while as I drink it – lest there be scalding issues & coffee stains reminiscent of a Rorschach test on the carpet.

Apart from wandering slowly around the house, procrastinating about housework, the most common places to find myself & my cup are;


My $5 chair in the lounge. This has become “my chair”. Punk has her own wee armchair, or the couch, and The Boy has claimed “The Crafting Throne(…it really is to low for me to sit at my craft cabinet & work comfortably..), this mustard coloured beauty is soooooo comfy & sees me through a spot of reading (still trying to get through all those glorious copies of thaw!) & late night movie watching.


In front of le computer. As I am right now, doing the bloggy rounds, often with toast in hand.

Even though I’ve only had it a few weeks, I love, love, love my pretty cup – not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it signals a bit of down time… and usually a welcome hit of caffeine.

Do play along this week, won’t you?


  1. Awwwww gorgeous cup, gorgeous post you describe it all so beautifully, felt like I was right there ... bless ;)

  2. oh man, I need to move to the mainland so I can find bargain chairs like that. Cool! It does look comfy. & you can't go past that colour! I had a Datsun 120Y in that colour way back in the days. lol Nice mug too! You get quite attached to mugs don't you!

  3. A cuppa is a good reason to take 5 and you really do have to have that favourite cup. Mine has big fat self satisfied cats on it that the kids bought me a few years ago. Just doesn't taste the same in any other cup! Thanks for visiting my Blog.

  4. Love the cup, do you ever make up your own captions as to what the cup couple's conversation might be? Mabey you could do 'Cup caption of the week'! A friend of mine just found some cool vintage chairs in an oppy for $5 covered in mustard hand crocheted covers wonder what it is about mustard!

  5. I love your cup too. I'm coming over for some tea, can I sit in your mustard chair? It looks cozy and deep.
    Don't worry, I'll leave my 3 kids at Pilgrim's house for a playdate!

  6. moi... adorable?! stopit, YOU are!

    hehe great mug. great chair. thanks for playing along with my theme this week :)

  7. Yes, great chair the perfect spot for bit of peace...

  8. Oh my dear, I am all about The Cup. I recently bought a cup from a local potter that I had been admiring for quite some time, just the loveliest shades of blue and green. It is now my designated tea cup, and when I pull it down from the shelf, I know that I will have to move a bit more slowly for a moment.
    I also have my coffee cup, part of my morning ritual. When we have guests over who aren't privy to our intricate Cup system (yes my husband has his own cup as well), I must resist the impulse to snatch my cup out of their unwitting hands and yell, "Mine!"

    As for that heartbreak hotel chair...swoon.

  9. doesn't tea always taste better out of your own mug...your chair is a real classic ,
    thanks for your comments on mine

  10. yep! I love it and that definitely is where I get my 5 minutes peace, with a cuppa!

  11. There is only one place that I get 5 minutes peace around here...and it doesn't involve a coffee cup (try a toilet bowl instead) And locking the door to the loo and leaving 3 kidlets hammering on the other side might not be called "peace" to non-parents but I'll take what I can get!


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