Christmas Shopping & Then Some….

I am pretty sure that most of my Christmas shopping is now complete… I hope so anyway – it remains to be seen whether everything I’ve ordered from Etsy arrives in time to be posted off to everyone…!

While shopping for others, I inevitably found things that I myself just COULD NOT live without, and had no choice but to buy for myself; I know Mr Handmade-hater isn’t going to be getting me any lovely Etsy goodies, and Santa is awfully busy this time of year….

My most exciting purchase has been these boots on Sunday – Oh I can’t wait for them to get here! They were SUCH a bargain too - $45 US with free shipping. Free Shipping! From America! Gotta love that.


I was also checking my mailbox hourly for this & was finally rewarded yesterday afternoon!


I bought it along with some other gifties from this shop (I super highly massively recommend – everything came packaged beautifully & professionally & she customised it all & had it shipped out very fast, & she obviously has a grand sense of humour!) – I have been wearing it since I opened the envelope – it has a pleasant tinnie jangle when I move & it makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s a quote from Salad Fingers – probably the creepiest cartoon I have ever seen. Episode one not so much, but from there…. *shiver* It’s funny in that “it’s really weird & I don’t quite know why I like it” kind of way.


Seems I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree – Don’t tell you know who! Look at this very happy mail I also got yesterday on the way out to the Post Office;


Every issue of thaw zine & a sweet little handmade Chrissie ornament! I’ve as yet only had a chance to flick through but I can see some quality reading in my future. I was compelled to purchase these… and a subscription… because Jodie’s daughter is the cover girl on the latest issue & she was nice enough to tell us all about it. It’s cool because it’s based in Ballarat which is not all that far from here (we had an opshopping excursion there a wee while ago) & is new & fresh & interesting. It’s got cute “if only I were 18 again & all pretty & waif like” fashion spreads in it too.


It’s also cool because lovely Jodie had an adorable softie, Rocket the elephant (look at his braces!), up for grabs if you bought a copy of the latest issue – and I won him! I’m going to keep him for Le Punk’s birthday, she will adore him!


  1. Hey, you wouldn't want to swap mail addresses for a bit would you?

    Seriously though, lucky you!

  2. Right.
    So, I am experiencing a twinge of boot lust. Lucky Duck! and the spoon jewelry is putting me in a fit.
    I must away to etsy and dream big dreams and to write a most important letter...
    Dear Santa,

  3. Oooh how lucky to win one of Jodie's beautiful creations!

    Enjoy all the fruits of your labour even it is only clicking the mouse! LOL

  4. Handmaden - Hmmmmmm..... tricky question.... ermmm... no. ;)

    Lola - Quack Quack Quack! I know it my dear, I do! Have you got enough paper for your letter to Santa...?! I do believe he is partial to a bribe or two, homemade cookies have been known to do the trick...

    Sara - *wipes brow* You know what they say - it's a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it!

  5. Never heard of that cartoon but see, now I have go google it! But I wont waste time on episode 1 then! Yay for all the post. You are sure that The Boy doesn't read your blog, aren't you?....

  6. I'm sure Tas! ;)

    I did link to Salad Fingers, did I not....?! *scurries off to check* (But ep 1 is the one you HAVE TO see!)


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