…more happy mail.

Don’t tell Nikki that I’m blogging this, will you?! She is all sweet & humble & nice & did NOT (she emphasised that) want anything in return for sending myself & another lucky winner copies of Mixtape she was giving away on her blog. She did NOT want us to feel obliged to blog about it.


I can’t help it.

I blog about everything exciting (& lots of stuff that isn’t…)! I got loads of awesome mail today & Nikki’s parcel was the first to arrive, with unexpected goodies to boot (to blatantly steal from one of her recent posts ‘Just Because’).


Thank you Nikki (…don’t hurt me!).


Rocket arrived – so much for waiting for Punk’s birthday… she has come to realise that sometimes one of the millions of parcels that keep arriving here has something in it for her, so she cannot be distracted when it comes time to open the mail. Girl & Elephant spy each other across the kitchen table. Girl demands Elephant. Elephant & Girl hug. A firm friendship is born. He is super gorgeous Jodie I love his cute elephant toes!


I also got my Crafty Mamas November swap parcel (it’s still November… isn’t it…?!) from Mandy, it was a Christmas decoration swap & she spoiled me with a festive table runner featuring ‘that fat guy that breaks & enters’, BEAUTIFUL lacy baubles & another super special golden ornament, as well as a massive box of chocolate…!

I can’t promise that’s the end of my gloating about the goodies my postie is sick of bringing me, but I promise I’ll give it a rest for a while… I actually have some crafty stuff to share tomorrow!


  1. I love parcels too. Girl and Elephant look very cute together!

  2. who doesn't love an adorable elephant!

  3. lovely, and cute pictures aswell!
    that Ms Nikki is a fabulous sort in blogland & in real life aswell.

  4. Wowee, what fabby post! You keep right on gloating, girl :-)

    (My postie is fed up with me, too.... That may have something to do with the online shopping I keep doing?!)

  5. What a great day Vic. Getting stuff in the mail is so exciting when you're a kid and it is just as exciting when you're all grown up!

    And I would never hurt you!!! xxx

  6. Wow, you are such a lucky lady. I think your postie will deserve a nice pressie this Christmas. He has delivered so much loot to your door his year!

  7. Unexpected parcels always rock!!

  8. Vic, I'm so glad you got your chrissy decorations. The gold one is beautiful.

  9. Oh love that photo of Punky and her elephant. :)


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