Wallet Pattern....?


Mr "I don't want any of your handmade crap" is soooooooooo getting some of my handmade crap for Christmas, and one thing I want to make is a wallet, just a simple billfold, square-ish, with a few card slots, maybe an ID window & slot at the back for notes.

Truth is, I don't REALLY want to make it, but I can't find anything I like (or that he would like, actually) on Etsy - so if you are at all into making wallets & wanna make me a nice manly-man one for under $30, then woo-hoo & yea-haw, email me & I'll be all happy & carefree. Else wise, I'm on the look out for a free wallet pattern, or a cheapish PDF. I put the call out over on Crafty Mamas without much luck, seems there is a pattern out there but it's too expensive & not PDF...

(This one, from here, would be PERFECT if it were in a different pattern, I love that they are made out of an old tie & a suit for a start, but I KNOW the boy & he wouldn't be a fan of any of the patterns, mores the pity.)

...soooooo. What'cha got? Any ideas folks? Surely one of you knowledgeable readers will have come across something, somewhere (she begs, perhaps in vain)? Nothing too labour or thought intensive... it's December already, don't 'ya know?!

CRISIS AVERTED!!! Thanks to the lovely Lola Nova... if you are looking for a super wallet tute folks, look no further than right here!


  1. Hey, I have a wallet tutorial on my blog on the sidebar under "Free Stuff" super simple to make. No PDF but there is a click and print page that goes through the steps. If you want one with a clear window you could alter the pattern a bit. If you have any questions, let me know.
    It may not be what you are looking for but, thought I would throw it out there. I have made one in vinyl that turned out pretty rock and roll:)

  2. Did you see the other links I popped up on CMs on Monday night? I think I found about 3 free ones :)

  3. Oh Lola - I DID see that when Sew Mama Sew linked to it, but then, obviously, I forgot... will come over & have another look-see, THANK YOU!

    Liz... No! Checking now! You're a star. :)


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