Don’t Ya Hate It…

…when you have some grand idea, only to find that somebody else has had almost the exact same one…?!

I don’t know, but I think the Universe is trying to tell me something this morning – maybe “DO SOMETHING!”, although I can’t be sure.

Do you recall the wee gnomes I made for Le Punk’s dollhouse?! This is they;


Well, these gorgeous fellows popped up in my reader this morning – much cuter & undoubtedly better made, out of felt or wool that doesn’t cost 50 cents a sheet, granted, but also so similar that if I were to do that long over-due tutorial now, eyebrows could be raised.


And this – Cute, recycled felt wreath. Great isn’t it?


It was also brought to me via my reader this morn, yet two months ago I was labouring over my very own, to be sent to my Crafty Mamas October swap swapee – made differently & out of different materials sure, yet again, if I were to post the tute I have been procrastinating about, it would be a bit…. redundant.

October & November 09 292

Obviously I just need to STOP FAFFING ABOUT (I know some of you quite like ‘faffing’, so I added that again, just for you… Merry Christmas…) & do everything I intend to do, & quicker while I’m at it!


  1. Maybe it's just a case of "great minds think alike" Vic. The whole original-idea is something that can be talked about for ages. Through creating and blogging, you are going to find inspiration all around you. I say create from your heart, stop faffing and DO SOMETHING!

  2. *but I like faffing*


    You are right - of course, my issue it seems, is less in the creating side of things & more on the organisational side of things... story of my life!

  3. Ain't it always the way? If you don't get around to it someone else will.
    Keep creating, lovely stuff you're doing!


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