It's Getting Festive Up In Here...!

The Christmas tree is up, the lights have been switched on & the first day of the advent calender has been opened to reveal a yummy little chocolate Santa & a Christmas balloon.


"Baby's 1st Christmas" Decoration from last year, I'll be letting Punk pick her own decoration to add to the tree this year.

Look very closely... can you see the elusive "Christmas Loon"?!

Mmmmm, advent-y goodness. This is going to sound like a weird question... but how do you open yours..?! Do you go from 1 to 24, or, like me, do you countdown from 24, so that on Christmas Eve you open number 1 which means THERE IS JUST ONE MORE SLEEP?!


  1. Your excitement is contagious! I do believe I spotted that elusive bird:)
    I'm afraid we are still recovering from Thanksgiving here in the west. I've given myself a few days before I really start thinking Christmas. Missed Sunday Advent all together, oh dear. Looks like another hapless Christmas at the cottage...just the way I like it.

  2. nice!
    hmmm, have never pondered that dilemma ...I'm off to ponder some more.

  3. I can't believe your tree is up already. Christmas is so far away. I'm sure it is. A few months isn't it? 24 days you say. Really?

    Your tree and calendar look great and it is definately a count DOWN from 24 to 1.

  4. I’ve never done an advent calendar, but I think I’d do it your way. I am still not sure I am brave enough to put up the tree with cyclone Little Guy still terrorizing our neck of the woods. He does have a first Christmas ornament though – I bought it on sale after Christmas last year and I will get him one every year – letting him pick is a nice idea, but then not letting him play with it is fodder for a melt down!

  5. Lola - Sounds like a fun, relaxed festive season at your place m'dear. Count me in! (I'll just have to scrape up the dollars for the flights...)

    Nikki - Touche! Count DOWN... like der Vic, no? I can't believe how fast xmas is coming either... I have NO IDEA how everything is going to be done in time...

    Kylie - Smaller tree - up high, that's just the ticket! OR, playpen, around the tree & the gifts!

  6. Advent calendars are so much fun! Nice work making your own. :)

  7. YUP!! we are a 1 more sleep kinda family.... really gets the kids going. I love your advent calender.

  8. Beautiful tree and you are so onto it, I'm jealous yet hoping your enthusiasm rubs off. Thanks for reminding me about advent calenders I completely forgot how cool they are. I think counting down to Christmas is a good way to go.

    Oh and about my couch- it IS freaking awesome and it folds into a bed and not only that- you can store bedding in draws under it. The best $102 ever spent. :)

  9. I would definitely do it your way, we write it that way on our calendar and the anticipation builds when they see the numbers getting less.

    I love the new decoration a year tradition, my mum does it with my girls and they love looking at all their decorations every year they get to put them up.:)

  10. OOooooh, Christmas looks fun at your place! I think its the count DOWN too. Oh gosh, I don't know where a christmas tree is gonna fit here.... there are half packed boxes, a huge garage sale pile, paint tins etc everywhere :( I'd better get onto it today!

    And my own lil parcel of vic goodness arrived yesterday!! thanks so much! Awesome!!

  11. yes it's gotten very festive very quickly has it not? we put the christmas tree up on the weekend too due to popular demand...I do like to see all those decorations again once I finally haul them all out of hibernation.
    Your advent calender is a beauty - and definately agree with counting down to the big 1 more sleep!

  12. Never occurred to me to count down! We go from 1 (1st day of December) to 24 (24th day) and often, with shop-bought ones, the choc on the 24th is bigger to celebrate it being so nearly Christmas! I like your way though...


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