Thanks Peeps...

...to everyone who commented yesterday & made me feel not so crap about my crafting "ishoos".

My softie is coming along - I thought maybe we'd make the post today, but ooohparently not. She needs a dress, shoes & a bag me thinks, at the very least, & Punk wants to run & play in the sun (& who can blame her...?), so we've been out... well, running & playing.

Oh... by the way... you see this post...? Yes, this one right here; it's number 149. Isn't that interesting?


  1. Vic, she's so wild and green, I love her!

    I must go and read what yesterdays conundrum was now :)


  2. She's looking great! Love her hair. Reminds me of my dreadlock days. :)

    I'm also horrible at doing things once i have to. I procrastinate over the simplest tasks when i have a deadline. But on the other hand i do fun things instead, like CD swaps. :)

  3. P.s. Can't wait for your next post, i just know it's going to be extra special! :)

  4. Oh, I knew that green yarn was destined for greatness! She's gorgeous!

  5. You have so much better chance than me of getting to the post office on Monday but I promise I'll try. I love that wild wooly doll of yours...and I cannot wait to see her accesories. Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. yippeeee! she's a green haired lovely indeed.
    and you doubted your fabulous capabilities Vic, well done.
    have a great weekend ♥

  7. *aw shucks*

    She is coming along nicely if I do say so myself... a little too nicely. Punky has fallen for her & I can say that I will be more than a little reluctant to post her off myself... I mean... she has red shoes people. RED SHOES!

  8. KATE - Even if you just post the two you have finished.. I SWEAR THEY ARE SUPER CUTE! ;)

  9. she is so funky! so very you!
    (and never fear, I didn't make the post office today either ~ no CDs got in the mail! bad swapper)

  10. Luuuurve the green hair! I fear my softie will have to be hand delivered - I want to check out the window display at Pip's!


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