Ah, the time has come to tell the truth!

I told you I was banning myself from the computer! I told you I had things to make & stuff to do! I told you I would be off making those things & doing that stuff…..

But I lied.

It wasn’t intentional, I promise. But I’m lazy. It was hot. The dog ate my homew… oh.

I spent the few days I had given myself away from the blog, erm… reading other blogs (like Lola’s… I HAD to comment on her boots – outing myself immediately…), worrying about the house (yes, we still don’t know fo’shizzle if she will be ours…. and I am dying over here…!), doing uncharacteristically well at my driving lesson because instead of worrying about my driving test I was worrying about the house, shopping, lazing about & shopping.

To answer your question Claire (…and why THANK YOU for asking… I really appreciate you keeping me honest, damn you.), no, I didn’t make The Boy a single handmade thing. He does have something coming in the mail… but other than that… *whistles innocently*

I did manage however, after mooching about for days doing nada, to find myself on Christmas eve with nothing to wear to Christmas lunch & with no Christmas stocking for Punky to leave out for Santa.

I knocked the outfit over in no-time flat, making me wonder why I kept putting it off. I bought a skirt last week at the oppy that was super-gorgeous but about two sizes too small for my big butt, so I removed the waistband, button & zip & added another panel with an elastic waist. I used an old red sheet with a hem, so I didn’t even have to sew the elastic casing…! Lazy much?


Lucky for me, my gorgy Curlypops brooch went perfectly with my skirt! (And you can see why I was so desperate to get those boots on… I was planning to wear them on Xmas from the moment I saw them online!)

The wee hours saw me doing a TERRIBLE job of putting together a patchwork stocking for Punky with a dodgily embroidered name patch… I really should not be allowed to craft after midnight… (…that’s when my brain turns into a pumpkin…)


What else did I say I was going to do but didn’t…? I can’t remember but I doubt I did it. My family haven’t even had their pressies posted yet…! (But, all of their pressies ARE handmade… so that surely counts for something…?!)


  1. Oooh I loike the skirt! Well the whole outfit really. Oh pu-lease don't give the non crafting any more thought...same thing happened here big time, actually you achieved much more than moi. I'm sorry for reminding you! So you STILL aren't sure you get the house? oh man :( Good luck!

  2. That's such a gorgeous photo of you and Punky. Great outfit!
    I can't even craft after about 8 PM so I'm amazed that you can tackle patchwork after midnight on Christmas Eve... now that's crafty dedication!

  3. My theory is that crafting after midnight makes one a better friend with one's Quick Unpick...

    Hope you hear GOOD NEWS about your house soon!

  4. lovely pic, you two gorgeous girls! fabo outfits!!!
    hope you had a fabulous day despite the unkept promises. I mean really, how can you possibly not turn the computer on...at ALL!!
    goodluck with the house news, thinking of you.

  5. Claire - Thank you! I was quite happy with it myself for a last minute Christmas eve throw together!

    Cam - I can't believe you don't craft after 8, when DO you craft woman, you are one of the most productive people, ever?! And less crafty dedication and more haggard desperation... ;)

    Gypsy - Hmmmmmm.... if I actually CARED at that hour about the dodgey stitching, then maybe... ;)

    Cathie - Thanks hon... it was a silly promise, that's why I don't do resoloutions!

    Thanks all for sending some luck re the house, I will feel SO MUCH BETTER when we know for sure...! (Although if it keeps dragging on I'll definately pass my driving test hehe)

  6. Perfection would take away the wonderful homemade feel! I love it and I bet Punky does too!

    Happy holidays!

  7. What a stunning outfit Vic- and a gorgeous photo to treasure. And while there may be some disappointment at your end that you did not provide The Boy with handcrafted crap, I'm guessing that at the other end, said Boy was pretty relieved.


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