It's My Party & I'll Give Stuff Away If I Want To...

Ta Da! Post One-Five-Oh. 150. The ol one-fifty-roo.... okay, that's enough of that!

Since I missed my hundredth post, I decided to wait until I hit 150 before breaking out the streamers & dollar store balloons, & here we are.

Ah... what to say about this little milestone in my young blog's life? It's pretty cool, I think, to have reached this at all, considering it took me quite a while to warm to this blogging business - I even gave up once early on - but when I returned it was with renewed vigour & enthusiasm & I am so, so glad.

I feel as though I have been welcomed with open arms into a warm, funny & incredibly inspirational community of fellow bloggers, some crafters, some mothers (lots are both), some artists, incredible chefs, thrifty types, amazing photographers & just all 'round lovely folks.

I don't know if I will ever make a milestone like this one, but hey... never say never right...?!

Sooooooooo.... You want some stuff....? 'Cause I totally have some stuff for you... if you want it. I wish I had the time, the motivation or the inclination to make some things especially - but... I don't, so you get some things that I think are cool & that I hope you might think are cool, too, but first of all, I have to say a huge & incredibly loud "THANK YOU!" to everyone who has visited Punky & Me thus far, everyone who has commented & made me think that I'm not just talking to myself, everyone who is crazy enough to follow me (...little 'ol me?!), everyone who has mentioned me even fleetingly in their blogs, anyone who has sent me anything at all, be it happy mail or a friendly email.... THANK YOU! It's a nice feeling, the one that all that gives me. It's a feeling of belonging & sharing & just general well being, & I'm not sure if I can really express how much I appreciate it, but I most assuredly do.

Enough soppy stuff! To the goodies....! There are three prizes, one consists of vintage this & that, one is for crafters with a similar craft attention deficit disorder to myself, & one is for lovers of buttons... or bracelets... or things that start with b.

Vintage Viddles;

Park Lane Mesh Clutch - still boxed! I have been holding on to this (clutching it, if you will), because it is so pretty & shiny & in it's original box with the little cards & all... but I will never, ever use it, and I never, ever, take it out of it's box, so I would love for it to go to a home where it might get to go out & sample some night life...

Vintage Recipe File - I just picked this up last week & it's a perfect mix of functionality & funny kitchen kitch - look at that droopy french stick! Those appetizing looking party franks...!

Pretty Fabric - Feels like that lovely, ever so breathable polyester that had Leo Sayer sweating it out in wide collared shirts in the 70s - but it's SO PRETTY! Perfect for a funky bag me thinks, or several, there is a lot...

Crafter's Delight;

This Book - Felt Food & Goods Vol. 2. I bought this one & the first one with grand intentions of making an entire pantry of felty goodness to go with Punky's birthday present of a play kitchen.... I'm keeping Vol. 1 in case that urge ever resurfaces....

Some Very Pretty Beads - I bought these because they were pretty. I bought them a long time ago. I have nothing to make with them. They are sad.

Blue Button Bracelet;

What more can I say? It's blue.... it's made of buttons... it's a bracelet! I made it myself *puffs out chest proudly* & think it's rather nice.

Would you like any of that? I rather hope you would.

Leave me a comment here telling me which prize tickles your fancy & it could be yours. I'm also, as soon as I figure out the fairest way to do it (suggestions welcome!) going to pick a random follower or past commenter to make up a little thank you gifty for, so stay tuned for that...

No extra entries for being forced to follow me - I am so super thankful for those that choose to add me to their blog lists, to their readers, to out themselves as someone who lurks around here sometimes, that I have no desire to make anyone do anything they don't want to do!

No extra entries for blogging or tweeting or painting a link on your butt & doing a nudey run - but feel free to do any or all if you are so inclined (okay... so if you do the nudey run thing - you totally get 3 more entries...).

Winners will be drawn by an ingenious though as yet undiscovered random method, next week sometime... you know I don't like deadlines.


  1. wohooooo, go Punky & Me!!!
    i am glad indeed that you stuck to this journey of yours & are enjoying it. it's a fabulous lil' community happening here & I feel the love just by visiting people's blog lives, like yours Vic.
    many of us that are stay at home mums need this kind of creative outlet to feel a sense of belonging, understanding, friendship, to allow us some 'Me' time, so..what was I saying...ohh, yeah, I agree with you & am glad to have found your lil ol corner here to come by for my daily 'smile'.
    anyway..enough rambling..the Buttonnsssss ♥

  2. As much as I love those prizes, I'm just not going there with the nudey run unless we get another heatwave. Well done Miss OneFiveOh!

  3. Woo-hoo, congratulations!! :-) And thanks for the chance to win - you know how much I love your button bracelets hun xx

  4. Congrats on getting to 150! I'm so glad you came back to blogging as I always enjoy reading your ramblings.

    I'm quite partial to that button bracelet. :) And I could get my kids to do a nudey dance if that helps. I swear they are always looking for an excuse to do it. LOL

  5. first, i love dropping into your house my new bloggy friend! congrats on 150, here's to at least another 150.
    second, thanks for mentioning me in the words amazing photographer, shucks!
    third, i'm going to go vintage, oooh something shiny ...

    one of these days ~ no deadline so i might never get it done ~ i am going to write you a letter and hope it is half as good as the one you wrote me!

  6. Oh yay Vic!!! Congrats on making 150! I'm so glad I found you on the big wide interwebs. You make me laugh and smile, you really do :) I also suffer from craft attention deficit disorder... so I would ADORE the feltie food book & beads. I need lil crafty projects for the upcoming trip you see!

  7. Woo-Hoo, let's all party like we're 150!
    congrats :-)

  8. ohhhh THANK YOU.... what a great giveaway with no rules and hidden conditions. YAY true giveaway spirit. Congrats on your 150!!

  9. 150!!! I love reading your blog and I'm very happy you didn't stop. I also forgot about my 100th post, I was very excited for a giveaway on about my 80th post... then next thing I know I've forgotten my 100th. Oh well

    Well I'm a huge fan of that bread stick - on first glance I thought it was a cat (it's early saturday and that's the excuse I'm using).

    I think that fabric would make a terrific bag and the sparkle bag needs some freedom.

    In fact I like it all.

  10. LOVE visiting your little place in the blogospehere, love reading about your adventures and looking at pics of that gorgeous little munchkin you hang out with, love that you make me feel better about missing my own deadlines. I am following your blog because I love to not because any one is holding me down and promising me stuff if I do. I'd totally love the vintage goodies. Happy 150!!

  11. Fantastic! I just wanted to congratulate you and say how much i enjoy your blog. I'm not going to enter your giveaway (as much as i'd LOVE to) because, as you know i'm currently facing the daunting task of trying to compact my worldly possessions down to the size of a suitcase! Keep up the great work! :)

  12. happy 150!
    the cluth and button bracelet are gorgeous!

  13. Congrats Vic! You make me smile every day- so keep on blogging girl! Thank you for considering me a "lovely person" Phew! I think "coffee addicted, chronically grumpy and somewhat cynical person" might have lacked the same charm. As for a prize if I was so lucky to be chosen, have to be the button bracelet. And I should get 3 bonus extras for NOT doing a nudie run- believe me, the world is better place for not having to endure that!

  14. woohoo, you old thing! I'm happy for anything, love a giveaway and love all your stuff, so count me in for whatever! Thanks for getting me inspired to play around with my photos!

  15. Oh drats, I really wanted to do a nudie run!
    I would love to win some 70's Leo Sayer Polyester.....mmmm Leo.

  16. Ooh, tough choice, but I think I like the look of that felty book. Great giveaway!

  17. Oh my dear me! Congrats on the milestone. So glad you stuck it out and that I happen to bump into you here in blogland. For your mention of Leo Sayer you get a prize (ok it's just me giving you a high five, but still).
    Here's to ya love!

  18. Very cool giveaway. I really like the droopy french stick recipe file, but Im a blue girl and cant go past your fab braclet. Yay

  19. Congratulations Vic!"For she's a jolly good blogger, and so say all of us! Hip Hip Hooray!
    I love all those prizes but I must be part bower bird. Those blissful blue buttons are beckoning and blinding my brain to all else!
    I'm hitting 101 posts (sort of lol) and have some buttons up for grabs, you might need 101 buttons for another bracelet. Come see :)

  20. 150! Big congrats to you Vic, that's awesome! I love checking in on your funky little blog, so glad I found it :) I'd lurve to win the crafty prize, although the button bracelet is sorely tempting...if it was in red I'd be completely sold. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and for your lovely blog xx

  21. Nice blog and giveaway- blue button bracelet for me - to go with my January 'no snow in Florida' blue & white corner.

  22. Yay nHappy 150th! Congratulations Punky & Me! What a lovely giveaway - I love your blog!

  23. Congratulations! I must say, that clutch purse is very lovely...

  24. Congrats on the 150! Here's to many more!!

    Gotta love the uncomplicated giveaways, although I may be tempted to do the nudey run for an extra 3 entries to get my hands on that button bracelet!

    Selina xx

  25. Ohh…. you called me an artist; I know I call myself that, but it makes me a little giddy when someone else refers to me that way!
    Congratulations on the 150 posts, what a milestone. I am so glad to be along for the ride. Your quirky little space brightens my day.
    If I were lucky enough to win I would pick the crafters delight prize – but I guess you could probably have picked that. Sure I need to start a new crafting phase; of course I need to become obsessed with making felt food!!!!!!

  26. The blue buttons are a fave - my little button obsessed button collector (ie D2)would think she had died and gone to heaven! Thanks and congrats!!!!

  27. oooo, 150 posts!! YAY you!!! :D that button bracelet is so mine. LOL thanks for the giveaway dear!!

  28. Wow 150 posts!!! That vintage stuff is gorgeous

  29. Congrats on reaching 150! Well done! I also love reading your blog!!! I have been wanting to make some felt food for awhile, so I think the book would be well used here! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  30. Well done Vic, 150 posts is a pretty fair effort I reckon, here's to your next 150 (no pressure :))
    I really like all your giveaways and I am not the most decisive person in the world. I might have crafty procrastination add I think!!

  31. Good effort you! I missed 100 too but 150 I think I may miss as well -celebrate when i can remember may be my motto! i think craft, no buttons, no craft, no buttons, NO! Craft it is! Thanks for all the good giving vibes!

  32. And here I was, all ready to tattoo your url on my butt to win the vintage viddles... but noooo, you have to make it all easy and non-self-promotional! (I heartily approve - shhhh).


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