Christmas Break!

I'm Blonde.
Just so you know.
I have only just really REALISED that;

a) Christmas is on Friday.
b) FRIDAY!!!!!
c) I haven't made The Boy ANY of the handmade crap he loathes, yet I vowed I would make.
d) FRIDAY!!!!
e) I am yet to make, refashioned or otherwise, what I am supposed to be wearing to Christmas lunch.
f) Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!!!!
g) FRIDAY!!!!! (I think you know that I could go on like this for quite some time...)

So. I am BANNING MYSELF FROM THE COMPUTER. From Now. (Okay, not from like, 'now', now, but soon, like at the end of this post 'now'. Have you ever noticed that the more you write 'now' the less it seems like a real word, and you wonder to yourself "How do you spell now? Because N O W certainly doesn't look right... )
If past experience is anything to go by, I may be back tomorrow. If, miraculously, I stay away in an actual attempt to get real things done in the here & now, I'll see you after Christmas & I hope you have a great one!
Take care all in Blogland & Merry Christmas from the Punky household!


  1. Merry Christmas Vic! Good luck with getting "it" all done! And a big Merry Christmas for the adorable Punk!

  2. all the very best Punkies!
    hugs ♥

  3. I bet you'll be back tomorrow, haahaaa...

    I have to sew a round cushion cover (which I never sewed before) and place an embroidery on it 'til thursday (thursday? Yes, I live in Germany where everything must be finished one freakin day earlier...), no TUESDAY, cause we take off to our families on wednesday forenoon. (Now I realize that tuesday is TOMORROW, TOMORROW, eeeeeeks!!!)

    Maybe I should bann myself from having a look at my blog reader everytime I walk by the computer...

  4. Merry Christmas...I hope you get everything done...I am realizing my plate is insanely full as well...I should follow in your footsteps too. :)

  5. Merry Christmas Vic!
    (now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now)

  6. Good luck with the handmade crap! My hubby would only be interested if I could sew him a computer.

  7. I do the now thing with my own name sometimes and end up weirding myself out like I've forgotten my own name....probably shouldn't have committed that little pearl to writing...

  8. Happiest of Holidays to you my dear! and to your sweet family!
    I've yet to finish
    1. Twirly red and white Christmas dress for the lass
    2. Teddy bear for same little lass
    3. Ornaments for all the cottage dwellers
    4. Manly gift (really no clue)
    5. Crap! Did you say Friday!?!
    Is it wrong to have a little nip in the middle of the day? As if that will help get anything done :)

  9. Miss you Vic!!
    Good luck with the christmas crafting, I next to gave up this year... I think I have a little xmas apron for miss zoe in me though ;)
    Have a very merry christmas lovely lady!!!

  10. And a very Merry Christmas to you too! I do hope you get everything done but i'd put money on it that you will be back on the computer tomorrow. :)

  11. A belated Merry Christmas as I too have been away from blogland. ie holidaying without computer access. Yes, I was scared but I held my head up high, crocheted a bit, drank a lot of coffee and actually talked to these people who had stalked me from Adelaide to Tasmania(apparently I have a family- 3 kids- whodathunkit?)


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