Our Weekend.


Usually I post on the weekend. There are a fair few bloggers who don’t, or who only post a picture for Wordless Weekend or something similar, that’s because they have lives you see, & are off enjoying themselves on the weekend.


The weekend in the Punky house though is different, it falls on Tuesday & Wednesday, which is why, in the past, I have been partial to a little Wordless Wednesday action myself. I digress – what I wanted to say was that I left the weekend here well enough alone, I wanted to bask in the 150-ness for a while before having to plod on into the much less graceful & not at all celebratory 151, but, all good things must come to an end…!

We had a nice, quiet weekend did the Little Punk & I.


We had unexpected pikelets (…don’t tell me you don’t know the joys of unexpected pikelets..? They occur when a rather unobservant mother having a “pyjama day” discovers when lunch time rolls around, that there is no bread for sandwiches….), had running races (..if Punky yelling “SET GO!” every 10 seconds & running in circles can be counted as racing anywhere..), got rather dirty, I upgraded the computer to Windows 7 in a mind-numbingly uninteresting couple of hours of my life which I will never get back (Which I only mention now because I am playing in the writer thingy to post this so if it’s all weird & junk, that is why…) & I managed to get my Softie For Mirabel entirely done & dusted. She’s all set to be posted & posted she shall be, today!


Hope y’all had a woo-hoo & yea-haw filled weekend too!


  1. I've never had unexpected pikelets before - much better than silly ole bread

  2. YES! We have unexpected pikelets as well, altough never called that- I like the idea of saying to my kids "mmm, want to have unexpected pikelets in your lunchbox today"! It sounds fun, much more fun than "we haven't got any bread so I am going to make some pikelets!"

  3. I know all about unexpected pikelets. :)
    Here's another celebration for you, 100 followers! I just signed up though I swear I had been there before and mysteriously dropped off again?

  4. Ah, yes, the old "unexpected pikelets when there is nothing else on offer for lunch except brussel sprouts or some very old and rather green ham shoved to the back of the fridge" trick. Snap! That's what we had yesterday!

  5. Oh Gemma - you're missing out! ;)

    Tanya - Punky was very excited & ate a heap, even the boy was happy when he got home - he had unexpected unexpected pikelets in the fridge for afternoon tea..!

    Helen - Ooooooooooh! Thank you my sweet!

    Tas - It's what all the cool mothers are cooking don't you know! (Who has time to grocery shop when there is crafting to be done...?)

  6. Ooh, love the softie! In fact she strikes an uncanny resemblance to my neighbor, down to the color of her hair. Have you ever wafflette surprise for lunch? Quite the thing at our house.
    I adore that Punky face!

  7. Ohhhh Yeah!! I love unexpected pikelets... or "Crap there is nothing in the house to feed the kids" ... followed by "hang on I will fill em up on sugar topped carbs !! YAY" they dont make it far outta the pan though ;)
    Love the pix of your little punk... so adorable!!

  8. 151 is good. well done on keeping it up and keeping it vibrant.

  9. you have me making pikelets now after I pick up Amelie from kinder.

  10. Oh she is just too stinking cute!!!! Shay is all about 1..2..set..go..."in circles" :P


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