Mellow Yellow.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to dye my hair pink. I can’t tell you how I came to this decision – it seemed to just appear out of thin air. I don’t even particularly like pink. Anywho, I was trawling eBay for cheap Fudge, for when I was 16 & dying my hair “crazy” shades of blue & green, Fudge was where it was at.

In my travels I came across another brand of hair colour that I’d not seen before; Manic Panic. It seems this brand is supposed to last a bit longer than Fudge, and has a much larger array of colours – I think poor ol’Fudge paintbox colours have gone down in popularity since their heyday in the nineties – they don’t even HAVE green anymore…!

I also found another brand, Special Effects, that is supposed to last longer than  Fudge & Manic Panic put together…! Because I was suffering from information overload & a little too many options (like milk; full fat? Half fat? No fat? Skim….?), I decided to give up for the time being & come back to it later – then I remembered the Fudge I had bought at an oppy in Melbourne before we moved here – Mellow Yellow. When I bought it, it was from it’s original point of sale box, the colour had been discontinued obviously & the salon had given it to the opshop. I bought it “just because” and it’s been carted around in boxes since.

After rummaging around in the shed I came up with a tube & decided “What the hell” & did it.

Just the smell of it when I opened the tube took me back 12 years to standing in my Mum’s bathroom with an old towel & a roll of gladwrap at the ready.

yellow1 yellow3 

I like it (…for a discontinued possibly out of date colour)! I am definitely going to try pink – and although I’d be interested in trying those other brands, seems they require some pretty heavy duty bleaching beforehand (which is kind of funny – semi permanent colour over rather permanent bleach), where as you can quite happily slap Fudge on without that rather drastic step.

I feel like I have doll’s hair! And I am suprised when my fringe flops in front of my eyes! Now I can worry about whether it’ll wash out before my driving test… although, as I was saying to a friend yesterday, it may very well guarantee a pass if my hair looks dodgey!



  1. cool!!! a bit of a new year makeover.
    lucky you can get away with fudge, try having dark hair...hmmm, definitely would need bleach.

  2. Good luck with the driving test... I relate to your logic.
    Do you remember the soft drink Mellow Yellow?

    In the meantime enjoy your vibrant hair - it looks fun!!!

  3. mmm, yummy!
    heh, not brave enough and too dark to try such fun..can't wait to see the pink do!

  4. oh yes, the days of fudge :)
    Love the yellow!! Will love pink even more! Zoe would adore pink hair, she is into pink in a very big way.

  5. Hehehe... I've already had one gorgeous little kid squeal "Mummy! That lady has yellow hair!!!" ;)

    Sally - I don't... but I can see why it would be discontinued... if you know that water - saving toilet flushing rhyme at all....?!

  6. Oh yeah a change is as good as a holiday! I think it looks ace! Last year I accidentally changed my hair color to espresso instead of my usual cappuccino and now I'm stuck with it unless I grow it out or bleach it.

  7. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!!!! LOve it xxxxx

  8. ahhh man, cut in a fringe, and you will look just like my cousin olivia blythe doll <3


    I like it, and how awesome is it that it works after all this time!!!! :D

    hehehe so the help on fb did absolutely nothing to sway you to pastel pink? :P
    I looked at the fudge in priceline today, it takes me back to being 16 again also, or 18, remember when i lived with danielle in 2000, i ALWAYS had a color on the bottom of my hair, usually pink or purple, but then u could get the small cheaper tubes of fudge, aw good old days.

  9. Awsome awsome awsome! I remember using fudge too!

  10. Can I call you Barbie? (hee, hee, hee!)


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