Freaking. Out.

Bank messing with us. Real estate agent impatient. Vic feeling SICK.
Maybe it's not supposed to be....


  1. The most stressful thing we ever did was purchasing our home! Don't worry, I felt the same. The bank was incredibly slow and everyone else wanted the money yesterday!
    It'll work out for the best, take a deep breath....

  2. Banks...grrrr. Hope it all works out.

  3. Exactely the same thing happened when we were desperate for this place. Another buyer was ready with the cash and waiting for our deal to fall through but we got there in the end. And you will too.

  4. Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Hugs, I hope the bank sorts their s$%^ out soon so you can stop worrying. xx

  5. Aw, babe. That sucks! Fingers crossed that it all works out for you. Think bright fire engine red front door and other positive thoughts!

  6. Oh I can feel the erk in your tummy just thinking about the stress that your under. Awful. Hope it works out soon.

  7. ditto to all that

    "nothing in this world worth having comes easily"

  8. I know that feeling all too well. Sorry to hear you have to go through it when we are already in the midst of the most stressful time of the year. “Our” new land still isn’t ours, the contracts have been signed for months but the council is mucking the developer around – I hate being in limbo. It’s doesn’t look like it will be ours this year- hopefully early next???
    I have my fingers crossed for you, if it’s meant to be it will all work out, you are the luckiest person I have ever come across,. How could it all not work out for you??

  9. ((Hugs Everyone!))

    You all rock.

    You do.

    Feeling a bit better, must be all those positive vibes!


  10. I'm sure it will all work out just fine. I don't think buying a home every goes smoothly for anyone...not to mention that everyone's a bit crazy at this time of the year!

    Good luck.....take it easy.....and you know what, if it doesn't work out, you're exactly right, there's a reason and something heaps better will come along!


  11. Buying a house is sooooo stressful, because you want it sooooo much and the banks/real estate/red tape just don't care!!! Thinking of you, hope you have good news soon. Loooooove the house by the way, it reminds me a bit of my place :)


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