Living Creatively Comp - Op Shop Ship Shape - I won! I won!


I am so excited I am all funny... you know how you get when you can't believe something really awesome & you can hardly think straight & you go a bit wobbly...?! Well that's me right now... I entered Living Creatively's Competitively Creative Competition for last month (with only a few days to spare mind you!); the theme was "Op Shop Ship Shape" & you had to share your reconned opshop goodies... As you can imagine I was thrilled to be able to enter, if ever there were a competition made for me! I could nae decide which of my furniture projects to submit because I love them all so I sent in my Writing Desk, Rocker & Buffet....

...and they choose the Buffet as the Winner!!

That's $100 that will be going straight back to the Oppy, thank you very much...!

Oh I am happy dancing all over the place!

Welcome any visitors from Living Creatively! Thank you so much to the folks over there who picked little old me... I am so glad that my passion for opshopping, thrifting, reusing... whatever you want to call it... shows through & even better, you liked it! I can only hope I might have been able to inspire one or two other crafty types to look at their oppy's unloved furniture in a new light!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to faint.


  1. Congrats Vic! You totally deserved it!

  2. Oh congratulations young lady!!! That is sooooo awesome!! Op shopping ROCKS!

  3. You are the luckiest blogger in blog land! Although this wins not just luck you really deserved it. I think you should spend just a little of that $100 on a lotto ticket, you are on a winning streak.

  4. wtg, girl! If ever I've seen someone knock a piece of op shop furniture into shape, it's you!

  5. I know! When I saw it was you I was so excited for you. I think you're the first winner from Living Creatively whose blog I have read. Hurrah for you.

  6. woo hoo! SO deserved, all your pieces were brilliant :D

  7. Yay! bask in the glory girl, you deserve it!

  8. yay, you go girl!!
    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    happy november to you Vic ♥

  9. Oh Wowowowowow!!! I love your work - and congrats on winning! I think you completely deserved to win just looking at these three wonders... well done.

    And thanks for the amazing recommendations for my little Giveaway!

  10. Congratulations! Blessed are those who can see the potential in an opshop buy, for they shall be recognised and rewarded!

  11. That is so awesome, congratulations!
    You are most deserving. I love your

  12. Congratulations!! That is sooo cool!

  13. i'd be inclined to faint too!! what a fabby win and well deserved i say :)
    hurrah for the thrifty gods shining down on us and the creative hands we have to make those thrifty finds potential shine through...

  14. Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely words - I still can't believe I won & it makes me happy to think that I did...! Even you guys taking the time to congratulate me is so, so cool. :)

    Kylie - well, since I'm not betting on the cup, I may just get me a lotto ticket tomorrow... but I think I'm only lucky online.. hehe.

    Gina - is it silly to be excited that you were excited for me...?! ;) I know what you mean though, when, during Blogtoberfest, I saw someone I "know" win something, I was so glad...!

  15. Ooops - way behind in all my blog reading ... but congratulations!!! That's sensational. All your entries looked amazing!


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