Honey! I'm Home.....

....ah blogosphere.... let us never be apart again!

I wish (oh! how I wish!) I could regale you with tales of creative productivity & quality time spent offline - but alas, I cannot.

It has been..... HOT. Not luffly "Ooh, what a pretty day, let us trip-a-trip-a-trippity-trip-a-trippity all day long..." kind of hot, but "Mrmph" muttered while laying prone on the floor under the ceiling fan kinda hot. Horribly hot. Almost unbearably hot. I have not felt like doing much of anything & have missed you terribly! How I longed for regretsy to make me laugh! How I wished I knew what this week's My Place & Yours theme was! (That I have already found out - just as well I don't think I even HAVE a secret weapon....)

An example of the heat;

A sweltering little Punk, covered in icy pole residue, sitting atop an overheated dog who can't be bothered to care.

We did go the local show on Sunday though, briefly, before it got too hot. It was Punk's first show, unfortunately for her, it was very, uh.... sparse. We are definitely going to head in to the Melbourne show next year, we were going to go this year but lethargy & procrastination got in the way & it had been & gone before we knew it.

Now that I'm back online I hope I'll keep myself a bit more accountable for my days - even if it is hot - I've not completed a single stitch of wardrobe refashioning & I really should - not only because I have to post over there some time this week but because I NEED some clothes. I have been rummaging around in my wardrobe (aka "piles of stuff on the floor") for summer clothes & I really don't have much in the way of singlets, skirts or dresses... I am going to TRY & get something done today. So that I have something to wear tomorrow....!

Now I have about a thousand blog posts to read but I don't think I am going to be able to manage it, I might have to start anew, as in "...from NOW!" & resign myself to the fact that there may very well be several gems of bloggy goodness I may never, ever read.

I'm scooting over to regretsy right this second though - I have a mild addiction to craft nastiness it seems....


  1. Hi sweetie, how was your day? I'm so glad you're home, I've missed your little corner of blogland, your 'funnies' and your punky stories brighten my day. xx

  2. So glad you are back, I have missed you too. Hooray you package arrived; thrilled to hear you liked it. I did make the paper myself, I hope to make some more soon, perhaps even for more cards and gift tags for my Handmade Expo stand. It’s a lot of fun, but takes a few hours and I don’t often have “a few hours” anymore!

  3. she is a real cutie your little one. Glad you are back to posting, and thanks for popping by my blog and posting.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Nice to hear you again.
    Oh, poor pup and Punk, SO hot!
    Lying in the bath is always good, even with a little one ;)

  5. You must have bought your wardrobe at the same shop I bought mine! My task for today is to make myself some shorts. Off I go...just after I do a few more things on the 'pute. (yeah, right, I'll be 5 mins, u huh!!)

  6. Yay, my free entertainment has returned. Who need Foxtel when we have you?

  7. We missed you muchly ... so nice to see you back :-)

  8. Phew! Glad to have you back!
    I can't wait to see your wardrobe refashioning. I hope you guys get some relief... how bout a trip to the seaside? :)

  9. Naaaaw... thanks guys... It's nice to be missed!

    Kylie - well, when you DO have "a few hours" it certainly is worth it! That paper is drool-worthy...!

    Tanya - Why are you reading this...?! SHORTS WOMAN!!! ;)

    Tas... Perhaps I should start charging you for my services.. hehehe.

    Claire - I WISH! (But not to your seaside... there is one a wee bit closer...) Keep asking (begging) the boy when he gets home "Can we go to the beach?!" & he mumbles about being tired & needing beer. *sigh*
    Can't wait until the bus to Lorne starts again in December! Or I get my Ps... but I think the bus will beat me by, uh... lots. ;)

  10. That first photo is brilliant!! Welcome back to the blogosphere Miss Punky and me, I wondered why it has been so quiet.

  11. not sure who is cuter..your daughter or your doggie ;)


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