There Is Nothing Like A Deadline...

...do you ever go to bed so late that you deliberately avoid looking at the clock lest you spend the few hours you have left to sleep agonising over how tired you'll be in the morning?

I did that last night, or this morning, more accurately, as for some crazy reason I decided that last night, around 10pm, was the perfect time to make our advent calender.

I don't love it. It's okay, but it's not exactly what I had envisioned. There were too many envelopes for a start! That & you can DEFINITELY tell it was a late night jobie. The first time I wrote "Christmas" it was missing the "r". Mmmmhmmm.

(I painted over an old canvas I had lying around & used the stamp envelope template from here.)


  1. I love it Vic!
    You clever Mama you :-)

  2. Very clever!
    I have to admit that I hate to look at the clock when I know I am going to bed way too late!

  3. great effort, I have been thinking, dreaming advent calendar, and that is where is has stayed to date, in my head...well, yours is really great

  4. Thanks ladies... seems you like it more than I do! :P

    Tanya - I have been meaning to make something since, early October maybe? So don't feel bad! AND this is a simplified, no-sew version, so I am oooohficially a Cheaty McCheaterson....

  5. I was up into the wee hours last night too. The when I went to bed I only slept a little and was awake again. Alas I didn’t think it was polite to the neighbours to resume hammering at 2:30!! I’m feeling it today, but I’m happy with my nocturnal creations.
    How festive of your to create your own advent calendar, I’m still debating if it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth to put up the tree with little guy running amok in the house.
    Ps we didn’t go trash or treasuring – too hot and too tired not a good mix!

  6. Yes it must be that time of the year... I got up EARLY to do mine today. I agree, a deadline works for me :)

  7. hmmm..know what you mean!
    Loverly Vic, loverly, let the countdown begin.

  8. That is amazing. It is definitely an advent calender I might get done. I was wondering if might share what you have inside your envelopes?

  9. Miss Rosie - As yet... NOTHING! ;)

    I have intentions, however, and they are of chocolate & pretty things. I am going a-browsing tomorrow to see what I can see that is advent-y & wee...!

  10. are you kidding ~ this is so much fun! i work better on a deadline too!

  11. Oh, do you still not love it? I am hoping the angst has faded over the day. It is gorgeous and perfect. And I laughed at the missing "r"! Sorry xxx

  12. Thank Kellie.

    Nikki - It looks better now the envelopes are bulging with chocolately christmas cheer, but no, I still don't love it. I am already planning a better one for next year - I should probably get started on it now... ;)

  13. You are the BEST Vic!
    When i was on here the other day I was cursing myself as I had been at Aldi & yet again forgot to get the kids Advent Calendars. When I then saw your calendar I was inspired to reconnect with my crafty side & make one myself. Out came the paints & Damo & I had a fine time making our very own advent calendar compete with wee envelopes to hold the 2 required choccies for each day. I stole your envelope idea but made my own backdrop. Thanks a million Vic - we love it!! PS: DH says we HAVE to start at 1 & finish on 25 - tradition hey :)


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