Why yes. As a matter of fact I have been Opshopping.


Thanks for noticing.

  • Black Samsonite suitcase, MOST EXCELLENT condition, WITH KEYS....! $3. Sorry about the shouting, but this was the exciting find. The other oppy has crudalicious ones without the keys for $5. When I asked how much this was & the lady said $3 I paid for it immediately lest someone else come running out to tell her off.....
  • Set of 4 vintage yellow glasses (I don't know what happens to them but we seem to never have any glasses, no matter how many I buy. Spoons are the same. Sporks though... sporks I have more of than will fit in the drawer....!) 50 cents each.
  • GORGEOUS wee white candle holders, I love these. I'm not usually one for candles, or candle holders, but these are very pretty & they felt lovely when I picked them up so I just had to buy them. $1 each.
  • Little owl toothpick holder. I have little plans for him.... 50 cents.
  • 2 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books. Just because they were there. 10 cents each.


  1. 10 cents? 10 cents for a choose your own adventure. Hours of enjoyment. You can not go wrong! OH, yeah, the other stuff is cool too!
    Ha, ha, my verification word is 'spend'!!!

  2. I love a little vicarious op-shopping through you Vic!
    Mustn't visit, mustn't...;)

  3. Op shopping, is there anything better? I don't think so!

  4. Do you ever go a week without op shopping?
    Lovely finds!

  5. I just loved choose your own adventure books, how much fun are they ? Nice finds.

  6. You are lucky to have found those Choose your Own Adventure books. I remember ALWAYS borrowing then re-borrowing them from my school library in Grade 6! x

  7. oohh, ohhh, I like your tastes lady!
    i do that aswell when told a ridiculously low price and just hope that no one comes out to correct them :)

  8. Nice! i jealously mutter under my breath as I walk away.

  9. It's offical. We have to be long term besty's. BF4eva. I too have an insane love of bargains. In fact, my mood will even alter into the more positive when I snags-me-a-bargain. Will have to post my op shops glasses, a set of 10, pink, fantastic!

  10. Great finds! I love that owl :)

  11. awesome finds, um that suitcase what an amazing find!!

    the toothpick holder, i totally have a matching one but its a oil burner, i wanted to spray it pink but, then it wont work as a oil burner right? haha.
    i have too many owl things but keep buying more, i notice in your other post earlier, we collect so much of the same stuff!
    youll have to tell me what atari games you have if i get any doubles i can share with you, we collect them with vintage game systems, we have a few ataris, gameboys (the original brick ones) and others, we once got an original atari, with controllers, cords, everything, and a bag of games for $4 at a garage sale, the guy thought they were junk?! lol
    it was the same one we got an 1890s typewriter for "$2 because its taking up too much space and is ugly" it now sits in my living room proudly <3
    aww i wanna go op shopping with you!!


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