Can't stop the music...

...oh no you can't!

But you do have to hurry if you want to play "Swap the snazzy CDs" with us!

My "Music to Craft by" CD swap over here will close for signups tomorrow...! I "ummm"-ed & "ahhhh"-ed & "hmmmmmmm"-ed & "haaaaaaaaa"-ed & "huruph"-ed & "prft"-ed, wondering it it wouldn't be better to post our "playlists" online instead of send CDs, but shiny CDs & happy snail mail won out in the end & my crafty swap buddies & I will be sending & receiving little packages of good tunes in the post very soon!

If all goes to plan, I'll be posting my CDs out on Monday (that's 2 CDs, one each for my 2 randomly assigned swapees), & I am really, really excited about getting some in return, I love discovering new artists, songs, or entire genres that I haven't stumbled upon on my own, or, sometimes even better, hearing a blast from the past that has me singing along loudly - out of tune & probably with entirely incorrect lyrics.

So kiddies, you best sign up if your CD player is hungry... you know you want to.... all the cool kids are doing it....


  1. Alas I don't have a CD burner so you and yours will regretfully miss out on my favourites from Barry Manilow, Nana Mouskouri and oh, look, Rick Astley, you were at the back of my CD rack all that time. Maybe next time...

  2. Damnit Tas! Nana Mouskouri had such cool glasses too....

  3. Hey Vic! Has the sign up closed already? I just tried to join but it is asking me for a password. :(

    Hope i'm not too late!

  4. Don't mind me... i figured it out (found your original post) and have joined up! Yay for music!

  5. Yay!

    Sorry about that... would forget my head if it weren't screwed on...

  6. phew - nearly missed out! contemp folk lover over here... Fleet Foxes, Alela Diane, Pete Yorn... loooong list. Now who to cut from the cd ??? Thats going to be tricky!

  7. You could always do what I *have* to do Tracey - a 2 CD set lol

  8. OOOOOOOhhhh. You're a clever girl. Can't wait to share and recieve!
    xx Amy
    P.S. I promise to not break out my incredibly old American country music too much. Maybe just one or two twangers.

  9. I felt the need to return and make it clear to the world at large that there is no Rick Astley in my CD collection. I will own up to numerous atrocities (Footloose soundtrack, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran's best) but even I have to be able to hide my head up in public!

  10. "...hide" your head up in public...?! Freudian slip perhaps...?

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much! :P


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