....missed it by that much.

What do you want first...? 'The Good News" or "The Bad News"?! (Why is it though, that whenever people ask you that, you know that the bad news will pretty much Null & void the good news...? A more accurate question would be, generally, "Do you want the bad news, or the really bad news?")

The good news is... BUTTONS! Le Punk & I toddled down to the oppy for a wee spot of retail therapy yesterday afternoon, and to post those fashionably late drawings, and I was all "Woo-hoo!" and "Yea-Haw!" to find four jars of buttons waiting for me. There has been a shortage of jars of buttons since my last post about them going down in price, it seems I am not the only one around here with a penchant for cheap vintage buttons, but yesterday, I was in luck. There were three small jars & one larger jar - the small ones were $1 each & the larger $4.

To tell you the truth I did hesitate about the bigger one, but then I realised that there are no guarantees that this oppy won't make like the other & sell buttons in "sets" of four or five for $2 so I thought I'd just buy them, lest I regret it later. I bought a few other things too (duh) & when the sweet little old lady came to the buttons ("One dollar, one dollar, one dollar...") she was stopped in her tracks by the $4 & said "Oh, I'll give you those for $2." & made me the kind of happy that one shouldn't really get just from being awarded a discounted jar of buttons.


The bad news. *sigh* Oh. It makes me a little sad even having to type it. You would think, wouldn't you, that the below picture of an unbearably cute little play kitchen cabinet (dust & all....) that I managed to score for the princely sum of $1 at another oppy would have been included in "The Good News", wouldn't you? Oh it would have been, I assure you, had I just not... turned... around. But I did. I turned around & my heart skipped a beat.

There, in it's adorable handmade, vintage glory, was THE PERFECT wooden sink & stove play kitchen set. We are getting Le Punk a toy kitchen for her birthday in January, I considered making one but, if I'm honest, I really don't know how I'd go about it, I mean, I could try but it might turn out more like a kitchen post-tornado or something. We tried to put a kitchen on lay by but they were on back order, I have a rain check but they still aren't in, it's been five months or so & I'm not at all sure if they will be available by early January or not, so I have been on the look out & thought, briefly, my search had ended.


I saw.

The "sold" stickers.

I can't help but think, if I were better at time management, I would not have been stuck home drawing all morning & I would have been down the street that much earlier.....


  1. Great score on the buttons, but oh how incredibly sad to miss out on that adorable kitchen set. I decided today that I need to find one for my Little Miss for her birthday next year. She has never shown much interest in them until today at Playgroup, even put playdough in a dish and put it into the oven. Very cute.

  2. Aw. Bugger! I'm guessing the Punk wouldn't find quite so much long term joy in unwrapping 4 jars of vintage buttons...

  3. You should be safer down your way now with the buttons. My mum has been making lots of trips up your way and she always makes sure to visit the oppies for me while shes there.

  4. Oh no :( My heart goes out to you. Heart speeds up seeing cute perfect kitchen...heart stops when seeing sold sticker. Bum.
    Lucky you for getting jars of buttons though! I'll keep an eye out here for kitchen.
    Hey, there's an AWESOME wooden toy shop in geelong, where they make toys inc kitchens and also stock great imported stuff like voila. Great food, cooking utensils etc too. Totally worth a trip for you :) and I mean it!

  5. Tired, grumpy... don't want to play, but thanking you lovelies for your comments all the same. *hurumph*

    Claire - Got the "Your raincheck that your wanted months & months ago is finally in - so come in & start paying for it right NOW" note in the mail today, so there will be a play kitchen here before I know it.

    *hurumph again*

  6. Well, missy, you know that you could have sidled nonchalantly up to the said kitchen set and surreptitiously scraped the SOLD sticker off...then bought it! But of course if you aren't that sort of person, and I am sure you are not, and I am not suggesting that you are, and it's not that I am, I mean I would never think of doing anything like that...I draw the line at rugby tackling pensioners if they have grabbed a vintage sheet that I wanted. I mean, I have standards.

  7. ok how is it fair that your op shops are so damn cheap and awesome down there!! lol

    ours are kind of getting on the whole "vintage is awesome" bandwagon and jacking up the prices.
    they sell buttons, yes,...but they are at the cheapest 5 or 10 cents each and these are not cute vintage buttons, more the, old lady cut them off the boring shirts "just in case" buttons :(
    I do however buy lots at the markets, or centenary centre, ill take you there if you visit some day :)
    i collect glass ones, and have them sewn on fabric in hoops :)


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