Punkins who lunch.

We went a'driving yesterday (it's almost twenty minutes past Midnight, so it really was yesterday, even though it feels like 'today', because it was today, sort of...), The Boy had an unexpected, yet overdue, day off, which meant Punk & I had a lovely set of wheels at our disposal, air conditioned wheels at that.

My only real aim for the day was to get me a new mouse. Clickity click click click. You hear that? It's a new mouse. We got one. It works just fine. It's dandy even.

Before the mouse need was satiated however, we had to fulfil a lunch need, that we did in an unexpectedly cool diner-come-take-away-come-chicken-joint. We entered due to lack of options & I was immediately floored by the vintage laminate table & vinyl chair goodness. I wanted every single piece of furniture there, but especially that lurvly red chair... it has spoiled me, that plethora of vintage mish mash, for when I got home I eyed my own white faux wood grain laminex table with it's decidedly dull grey studded vinyl chairs with despair. I have informed the boy that if I find a vintage laminex table with the marbled red top & the chrome sides that I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted, I shall be buying it. Oh yes. Even if then we would have 3 kitchen tables. And the chairs.... oh, don't get me started! My heart aches for them! They would be so much more loved here with me....! If only I could have managed to stuff a couple into my bag... or smuggled some out under my billowy new circle skirt....

We also went by a camping store which just so happened to be having a one day only woo hoo & yea haw bells & whistles sale. We were swept along in the excitement & ended up filling our trunk with a tent (it's a little bit fancy & we're a little bit crap at putting up tents... so... stay tuned for undoubtedly horrible tales of tent erecting failure...), folding camping chairs, air mattresses, a pump for said air mattresses, a billy kettle (oh! how I love that billy kettle! I shall have to show it to you at a later date), campy type plates & cups "etc", a lamp... I'm sure there is more, just as I'm sure that we have forgotten some vital piece of equipment, which will only be discovered when we're out in the sticks, thoroughly encamped & in some sort of dire need.

So. We're going camping.

Next week.

I don't know yet, how I feel about it.

We shall see.


  1. Ah, can't wait to hear about your camping adventure. I can completely relate to a coveting of the red chair. I have one of those tables, alas it is a gray with a couple of wayward legs. It serves as my sewing table now, and does a rather fine job of it.

    Thank you for directing me to the 'if it was a snake it would have bit me' post about your photos. I should have poked around before requesting, ah well. Good to know and I shall check it out when I have an afternoon to play.

  2. What a cracker of a day. I'm looking forward to hearing about the camping adventures too!

  3. Oh Camping - I am jealous!! We have just started to stock up our camping gear again & I am itching to get out. Can't wait to hear your adventures.
    LOVE the look of the place you went to eat & I can see why you fell in love with the chair - it is LURVELY!

  4. Yay on the new mouse!
    and unexpected drives, my fav.
    Ahh, the vintage table (we have one, in green!)
    But our chairs are in BIG disrepair!! I just keep saying I'll get them recovered one day, but I really want that old textured vinyl, know what I mean?
    Now camping hey? mmm fun. Haven't been since before kids ;) hoping to take them to the Otways when Zeb is a little bigger.
    Enjoy lucky.

  5. we have one of those tables too ~ it might bed red ~ but it is missing the stoppers on the end of the legs. We used it for a change table ~ covered it in foam and that plastic table cloth material in a road map style for our little boys and they used it as a play table when they got older. Tis in the garage now. It's really heavy!

  6. what a groovy place to lunch at! Happy camping...

  7. Just perhaps, with a plethora of all the right equipment..well, perhaps camping would be fun..um...

  8. I hope you enjoy your camping adventures......me I like my creature comforts in life, like a real bed, and an ensuite bathroom....LOL

    Gill in Canada


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