I'm making a list, and checking it twice....

Christmas if approaching at an alarming rate & it is slowly dawning on me that I better get cracking with the Christmas presents. I have decided to go with handmade gifts for all, except for a couple we already have on lay by for the Punk (I can't imagine where one would go for a handmade trampoline...).

I announced this interesting fact to The Boy who immediately replied (brace yourselves crafty ladies with crafty or at the very least, nice, partners....) "I don't want any of your crap!". I am hoping he was joking. If not. He's just going to have to suck it up.

I'm not going to make everything myself - oh no - I just don't think I'm up to that. Plus, there are so many talented artisans out there making some lovely things, much better than I could ever hope to do. So I am making only the things I really, really want to, and that I think I can do justice to, and buying the rest. Even buying handmade is, to me, so much more personal & prompts you to think more about the person you are buying for and why you are buying them anything at all. It is easier to buy the usual department store stuff - without a doubt, you could get an ipod shuffle for everyone on your Christmas list, but does that really capture the spirit of giving....?

I love Christmas & I love giving gifts. I just LOVE it. Much more than receiving gifts, although I won't complain when I get some, but I just adore the entire process of gift giving, from the initial thoughts to the finale - the recipient's expression when they open their little sumpin' sumpin'. It is fun & heartening & good for the soul.


  1. Oooh, methinks the boy is gonna get coal in his stocking this year if Santa was listening! (But you could stick some googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms on so that it would have a personal touch)

  2. ROFL Tas - I think I love you!

    I was actually considering giving him a gag gift like that - you know, a piece of wood with "paper weight" scrawled on it with a sharpie & sequins glued to it or something... ;)

  3. He's issued a challenge now. You've just gotta make a piece of crap craft just for him... and then give him the good craft present later on!

  4. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so glad my DH isn't the only one who says that stuff....and with how I feel at the moment I think I'll have to give him a 'fluff' in a jar for Christmas :) That's home made isn't it?

  5. I simply cannot believe that we are already thinking about Christmas! Where the hell did 2009 go?
    Love your blog - your punky and my gretta look like they would create havoc together!

  6. I like choosing pressie for individuals too- thinking about them, their quirks, thoughtful gifts. It's fun. I like Christmas too, but I do like it in the northern hemisphere abit more. Note- it's very hot where I live right now!!

  7. Oh phooey to ungrateful man-friends! Yes, definitely a 'crap' craft gift for him! maybe something a-la-regretsy? an ill fitting pair of animal print leggings?
    Your xmas list sounds ace! I'm getting excited too :)oute

  8. Cam - I don't think he deserves a "good" craft present at all carrying on like that!

    Claire, I was thinking a regretsy special... you get me my dear... ;)


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