Unlucky For Some.

But not for me folks, oh no, so far today, Friday the dreaded 13th, has been decidedly pleasant. It was yesterday, known from now on as "Hideous Thursday" that was the stinker.

Picture this; early morning, a nice morning, Thursday the 12th of November. I brew myself a nice cup of coffee & toddle over to the computer, camera in hand, all ready to upload my stunningly brilliant "My Creative Space" & join in yet again with meme goodness. I press the power button. Everything proceeds as normal until.... it doesn't.

Computer says "No".

In fact, computer says "Hell No" & blankly refuses to continue living in this cruel world. It seems the death of the mouse the other day was more than a mild inconvenience, it was an ominous sign of impending doom. My heart beats quicker, sweat beads on my brow; WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!

I call The Boy at work (I wish I were kidding folks); "THE COMPUTER IS DEAD!" he is suitably distressed. I spend hours "biding my time" until The Boy returns home & we can set off to get a new, shiny computer.

Horrible, horrible, horrible time shopping for new computer, I shan't bore you with the details except to say heat crazed toddler + shiny new expensive technological items do not mix.

Take detour on the way home to camping ground of "next week". Heat crazed toddler screams her protest for entire length of pointless detour. I scream my protest, loudly, in my head, & wonder why we can't just see the damn camping area when we, you know, go camping...?!

Get shiny new computer home & spend ridiculous amounts of time doing things to it so that it may function like old computer, only faster.



Today, Friday, the lovely 13th of November, all is well with the world. I have a shiny new computer &, like child birth, the painful memories of how it got here are quickly receding.

The sun is shining in a nice, friendly way, not a malicious way, as it has been.

We picnicked in the park, wee Punk & I.

The Op shop gods smiled upon me & offered up some lovely linen & another round table cloth for skirt making purposes.

And aprons.

Lots of aprons.

Hope your Black Friday has been just as lovely!


  1. I hope new computer is better behaved than old computer. Love the apron with the jungle hut (?) print, I've almost given up on our oppys, not much to offer I'm afraid.

  2. Oh wow! What gorgeous finds after your previous disasters. Thank goodness for Friday the 13th.

  3. Oh, I feel your pain! Yesterday we lost power. No air con and no computer for an hour or so. I can't tell you which was more devastating. I just kept staring at the blank computer screen and then for a change would go and stare at the blank aircon controller for a while...I need a life (but preferably one where there isn't a b*$&%y heatwave in November)

  4. It seems to have been going around, that Thursday yuck. My toddler was not heat crazed but crazed nonetheless as we attempted a trip to procure her some new socks and shirts (as she is rapidly leaving toddlerhood). Then a mishap with electronics most dire.
    Today is just beginning, but I feel it will be a better one.
    Your finds are amazing! Those aprons are making me a tad jealous, though I am quite happy for you. Happy Friday the 13th!

  5. Sorry to hear that you had computer related headaches, but I throughly enjoyed reading about your adventures ;)

  6. Wowsers, Thursday sounds like an ordeal... but FRIDAY! I love the aprons of course, and the linens are lovely :)


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