Dress Ups.

Little Punk was watching her Playschool Live DVD yesterday & there is a skit on there where there is a princess stuck in a tower - while she was watching I took 2 seconds to cut her out a crown (I PROMISE I'll make her a proper, lovely crown soon... I do!) & she loved it the second she saw it.

We had our first proper dress ups session..... so fun for both of us - but don't you think she looks an awfully lot like The Little Princess....?!


  1. Yes, she sure does. But i can only hope that she is a better behaved little princess than the other one! And without that annoying accent!

  2. That is so cool, I can not wait for my little one to be interested in dress ups. I'm very impatient about it actually and have to stop making her stuff. Hopefully next year she will show a bit more interest in it when she is two :)

  3. Love it! She is just the cutest! That dvd is getting well worn at our place at the moment too.

  4. She totally does, how divine. I queried what Petal played at kindy today and was informed rather matter-of-factly, vampires. Oh dear me o_O.

  5. Oh yes!!! She does! Hehe. We love The Little Princess here...she and Lola and Olivia have a fair bit to answer for ;)
    Wonder who mummy dressed up as?

  6. Ooh, I love dress ups! I think she makes a rather fetching princess :)
    Reminds me, my girl needs a new princess dress, she's outgrown the last one. I'd best get cracking if she's going to have it for the holidays. Oh, and the Coraline doll lookalike she's been asking after, and a pink horse and...oh dear

  7. Tas - I actually haven't seen an episode, just an ad here and there, but I thought of it immediately when I saw Miss Punk with her crown on..!

    Jo, How old is your cutie? Punk will be 2 in January & is JUST starting to try to dress herself so maybe that is part of it.

    Kate, I love that she loves playschool, it's such a fun & creative show, unlike In The Night Garden..!

    Maggie - Thanks!

    AW- Oh dear...! That is.... interesting.... O_o indeed!

    Zof - Why do all the cartoon girls on telly have such attitudes....?! And why... the queen of course... ;)

    Mel - 'cept for the purple eyeshadow... lol

  8. Oops Lola, we were writing at the same time!

    You BEST get cracking, sounds like you (or.. you could get Santa to do it, he has some helpers don't you know) have quite the list!

  9. This is something absolutely magical and wonderful about kids playing dress ups.


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