We just got back.

I am SO TIRED. Like the old 'I've been out all night partying' kind of tired, but without the being out all night & partying. My brain feels as though it'll take about five minutes to warm up before it will be able to consider anything at all. Do you know that feeling....?! Where you have to think about thinking....?! It's odd & not at all fun. Camping WAS fun though, really, I just had issues with "sleeping" on an uncomfortable air mattress with bugs eating my head.

It was a very quick trip, obviously. We got to the site about 6 or 6.30, I was cursing myself on the way out for not taking something to do, like hand sewing or even a sketch book, thinking I'd be bored & have nothing to do - but I need not have worried. By the time we'd set the tent up (my very first attempt at said activity, The Boy's first at that sort of tent, it was a true team effort & I am proud as punch that we managed to get it done with not even a hint of bickering...!), pumped up the air mattresses (thinking, incorrectly, that they would be more comfortable than sleeping on hard, rocky ground...), started a fire & cooked dinner, with flaming marshmallows for afters, it was quarter to eleven.

I was up at 5.30am, not because I wanted to savour the early morning quiet or get the fire started for breakfast, but because I NEEDED a coffee like I had never needed a coffee before. I got that fire started (with the assistance of copious amounts of firelighters) so quick you'd have thought the flash had been by with his boy scout skills.

Punk had a grand time, hooning around on her bicycle with greatly improved balancing maneuvers & wondering at the birds in the trees.

We shall be going again, but next time, for more than one night. We seem to have spent more time setting up & packing up than anything else!


  1. Yep - that is a lot of work for only one night!!!
    Flaming marshmellows sounds grand... but bugs eating your hair is not cool.

  2. we just got back from desert camping= and i second the air mattress suckage!

  3. It could have been worse- you might have eaten flaming bugs and had marshmallows gnawing at your head (I am relying on your brain fatigue to make you think that is a funny joke) But seriously- you could have forgotten the coffee! Now that would have put you off camping forever- or longer! (And understandably so)
    And wow, it looks like a fantastic camping spot. Nice!

  4. Fun, Punky house!!
    Really loving the All-in-one Biker Chick look- cute :D

  5. I know that thinking about thinking feeling.... So I don't camp! ;-)

    Glad you had a good time - great pics, thanks for sharing x

  6. Sounds like you had a great time Vic, welcome back!

  7. Love the photo's - I am hoping to go camping soon...before the heat really sets in xx

  8. Sally - I freaking know... I'm glad we did it though, it was almost like a test run... ;)

    Maggie - Oooh, the desert, that would be cool... or cold more like, doesn't the desert get super chilly at night...? And why isn't sleeping on air more comfortable...?! Isn't that wat mattress companies actually aspire to...?

    Tas - I have slept & rested & my brain is back in some sort of order, so you're out of luck. ;) Oh you know I'm kidding...! The visualisation of marshmallows gnawing at my head made me smile!

    Zof - I too think Punk rocks 'biker chic' lol.

    Mel - I'm hoping the no sleep is a one time thing - at least I know not to bother with the damn air matress...!

    Gypsy - Thanks!

    Katy - I know what you mean, I was so glad the weather had changed, it wouldn't have been much fun without the camp fire I don't think...

  9. Sounds like more fun than our last camping trip - hundreds of km's from home, 3 kids and copious amounts of rain. Real fun.


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