Oh. So. Lucky.

I am.

I really am.

I was contemplating skipping a post today - I've been up since 4.30am, I'm tired, grumpy & feeling rather unproductive... but what was waiting for me when I opened the door to go & empty the vacuum cleaner....?!

Why, piles & piles of lovely vintage fabric all the way from the USA, of course!

Bethany ran a giveaway on her blog last month & lucky for me & unlucky for them, one of the winners never got back to her with an address & I was picked in the second chance draw - woohoo! There is nothing better to cheer up an exhausted, frazzled Vic on a dreary Monday morning!

My three favourites;

I also have to send out huge thanks to Claire for her super duper package - she spoilt us so much - not only did I receive a super funky red apron, but lots of other goodies too, including a Punky Pirate doll for... you guessed it, my very own Punky Pirate.

Then I got a lovely package wrapped up in brown paper from Kylie.... (including some fantastic yellow buttons...!!)

Annnnnnnnnd, just so you can feel fully justified in hating me, I got this sweet wee Nilla Nilla lip balm in the mail from Curious Oyster, it is ALL THAT, let me tell you. Made in Melbourne & adorned with a cheeky cheesecake pinup... oh how I love vintage pinups!

Gosh the blogosphere has been good to me so far! And don't think I don't appreciate it, and every little thing that happens to come my way in the mail, because I absolutely do! I feel ever so lucky but not only that, I feel very welcomed into this blogging community. It makes it all a little bit more real to be able to touch, wear or adore something I have only seen on a computer screen & to think that someone has had the generosity of heart to send it out to me.

I am slowly gearing up for my 150th post giveaway (since I totally missed the 100th....) & am going to make it a big one. It's the least I can do, good bloggy karma & all....!


  1. Vic you are very lucky today. Sounds like just what you needed on a Monday. I am jealous, that vintage fabric is FAB, can't wait to see what you make.

  2. I just went to the letter box and I had a package!! Some of your luck wore off on me!!

  3. How funny - I received a lovely package today and I posted two lovely packages as well!

  4. You lucky ducky! What a great mail-day.. I love pin-ups too. Who doesn't!? lourve the yellow buttons.

  5. Lucky you. All gorgeous packages and sounds like you needed them today too. Yay!

  6. That's so wonderful Vic, enjoy all your lovely gifts and I hope you have a good sleep tonight.:)

  7. Oh wow, what an ace mail day!
    Methinks you need to lots of baking hon ;)

  8. Oh. MY. Gosh. Well, how does one match that- I got an IGA catalogue, a big w catalogue- no nothing would match that. Definitely worth a blog post. I have been bolting to the gate when I hear the postie, but no mail for me, waiting on Amy Karols printing book from fishpond, waiting- and I am working tomorrow so don't get to loiter- bet it will come then!!

  9. Yay for parcels of goodness! Wonderful stuff there. Not too jealous though, since I recently received a swell package myself. It does put one in a better mood right off.

  10. I know guys, I don't even think lucky is a good enough word for it...! ;)

    GemmaJoy - Woohoo! That is so cool!

    Cam - That IS funny... I wonder who you could be sending lovely packages to...?! *whistles*

    Amy - You know, it's hard to believe, but I have heard (although I am hoping it's an urban myth) that some people don't appreciate those girls as much as they should... shocking I know!

    Tanya - I have a confession to make. I love junk mail. So if I hadn't gotten lovely fabric, I would have been a teensy weensy bit cheered by a Big W catalouge. It's weird though, because as much as I like to look through them, I never BUY ANYTHING out of them... I don't even know WHERE my closes big W is!

    Lola - You are a better woman than me my dear... I get jealous at the drop of a hat! (especially if its a pretty, crocheted red hat with button embellishments... *swoon*)

  11. Wow, can I touch you for good luck? Um, not in a weird way LOL. Enjoy your goodies, you deserve them you lovely girl.

  12. You know what? I'm NOT EVEN JEALOUS! I know you deserve it all, cos you're funny and lovely and gracious. Hooray for parcels!!

  13. So lovely to see some good bloggy karma find it's way to you.

    Either that or just something magical happens when you vaccum!!


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