Swap Ya?

Last year, I participated in a quick, easy, fun, fun, fun swap over on Crafty Mamas - a CD swap, 'Music To Craft By' and I was unable to participate in the last one they had not that long ago because my computer would more likely burn "in flames" than burn "a CD" but now, I have me a nice shiny woo-hoo & yea-haw computer & am feeling like I could do with some new tunes to get my Christmas craft on.... So........

Let's swap, shall we?

This morning I set up a little "Music To Craft By" mixed CD swap over on Swap-Bot. Takes a moment to sign up if you aren't already swap addicted & the password (I made it 'private' just so that it wouldn't show up on the list of open swap-bot swaps so that, in theory, it's just you, me, and anyone that happens by my blog - I mean - if you're here, you obviously have flawless taste, right?!) is MUSICTOCRAFTBY - sign ups end next Friday, the 27th, when Swap-Bot will automatically assign partners - 2 each - and send out mailing addresses. I chose to make it that we send to 2 people each because that even works if the only people that sign up are; Me, Myself & I. CDs will need to be sent by the 6th of December, but the sooner the better yes? We all know we have lots of craft to get done next month!!! (If you are new to Swap-Bot, you might want to check out their FAQs.)

I am just waiting on some replies from the super quick ladies that have already signed up, but I'm thinking of changing this from an actual "CD swap" to sharing our 'Music To Craft By' playlists on lastfm.com - will keep you posted....

Any questions, you can ask me here or over there - I do hope SOMEBODY plays along...!


  1. What a great idea Vic. If only I wasn't so busy with other stuff atm. :)

  2. I’ll play along… but I won’t be able to look into it until after this market tomorrow. I shouldn’t even be reading blogs right now – but couldn’t resist seeing what you are up too! Not sure what people will think of my taste in music!!!!

  3. Awesome Vic! Unfortunately my Cd burner is broken :( Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get some peeps wanting to play along. Hey reckon you could giveaway an extra of yours? (to me?) LOL

  4. Fo' Shizzle Claire, I was hoping to find my last mix from the CM swap as an extra for my swapees as it was on high rotation after I made it & much crafting was done... will look, but if I can't find it I'll send you "Music to craft by Vol II" lol.

    Kylie & Kellie - hurray!

    Sara - *sniffles* ;)

  5. I have absolutely no music stash...How pathetic is that??? I am such a radio loser haha.....

    Now on to baby talk....Don't you worry mama..You are very right, in her own time. Shay is 2 1/2, and thankfully from experience I knew him not talking much for so long would be over too soon and I would be wanting my quiet baby back..I am so glad that I could bring this situation to light for you.

    It's just like potty training, one day it will just click and there is no going back!!! :) they are all so unique tell daddy to celebrate that not worry about it haha...

  6. sounds pretty cool.
    i may just have to join.
    i love swap bot :)

  7. me! Me me! I'll play! WhaT A fab swap. what on earth is swapbot? why dont i know about this? :)

  8. I am keen but will need a lastfm lesson!!


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