What's Hot & What's Not (A Decidedly Wordy Wednesday)

So I was just going to indulge in one of my usual lazy arse 'Wordless Wednesday' Posts when I realised I actually have some words, and armed with said words I could play along with Loobylu's meme "What's Hot + What's Not" for the first time, because, you know, it's been around long enough now so that I am officially quite late to the party.


What's Hot;

*These shoes by Fly London, or London Fly... whatever. I really, really need some. Dottie Angel has some & they are ever so lovely. The only problems are that they are about $200 more than I actually pay for shoes, they are leather & I have comitted to a 2 month wardrobe refashion challenge. I am brainstorming ways in which I can make my own. That's right folks. I'm not saying I will, or that if I do they will look any good, but I'm thinking about it, and, oooohparently, it's the thought that counts.

*Thinking about Christmas decorations! I am a Christmas-a-holic & have been known to have the tree up quite early (as in... when the shops do... like four days ago), but I'm running late this year. I made some Chrissy things for a swap & it was so fun but they are now gone & I am decoration-less. I have to make more, not to mention making actual christmas presents, luckily, there are about a gazillion tutes over here.

*Little Punk kisses. Because they just are. She's started going "Mwwwwwwwwwwwwww...." before a kiss & ".....WAH!" after... A-freaking-dorable.

*Fresh, free range eggles. THANK YOU CHOOKIES! We have so many that everyone at The Boy's work has a constant supply also. And we've been eating many a mushroom omlet.


What's Not (or, "My Personal Pity Party");

*Blogtoberfest finally catching up with me & my internet speed being s...l......o.........w.............e.............d right down. I am going to have to live with it for another 6 days. I think I may die.

*Not being able to use Picnik because of the afore mention stoopid slow speed.

*Not being able to figure out how to darken shadows in Photoshop without the actual Shadows/Highlights too. Now I've had it with Picnik I can't go back....

*The Boy working for over 2 weeks without a day off. We miss him already & he's tired & grumpy.


  1. Those boots are awesome! I can understand the temptation. Thanks for joining in the fun! xx

  2. Those boots are divine! I desparately want some John Fluevog shoes, but horrible snipers on ebay keep thwarting me and I can't justify buying them new :(

  3. yep..those boots are definitely HOT!
    love little kisses aswell, our 2 yr old waves to everyone goodbye "mwaaahhh, byebye, mwaaaahh byebye"
    & of course fresh chookie eggs from our girls too are fantastic and soo full of colour.

    with photoshop, maybe the burn tool will help.
    great list♥

  4. Claire - tis fun!

    Lela - Damn snippers! Fingers crossed you luck out soon!

    Cathie - I thought of that (burn) but I soooooooo wanted there to be an easier way! Your little one sounds every bit as cute as mine hehe.

  5. I am soooooo jealous of your abundant free range chook eggs, what an absolute treat.

  6. we just got chooks ~ so much fun and they have just started laying

    photoshop cs2 i know has a shadow/highlight tool. under image>adjustments

  7. I love all fly of London shoes they're all gorgeous and they do the full range on Amazon Uk... time to re-mortgage the house...

  8. Lucky, lucky! Free-range eggs...yum. And I am in dire need of some boots myself, but alas, stuck with the same problem...they are expensive. Nice choice, though. Cute!

  9. Darn that Tif and her fancy boots causing lust in the heart and soul. Our silly ladies turned laying age just as the morning light went - and even with a timed light as inspiration they have produced nary an egg. We may have to wait until February now. and of course, smoochy kisses from little ones are always 'in'.

  10. Oh yep, they are coooool boots. Nothing better than widdle kisses and fresh eggs from your own chookies!!

  11. those things are pretty hot at my house too, although, now I get snuggles in bed rather than little kisses and my 7 year old telling me 'you rock'!!!


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