Super Quick Refashion...

Hallelujah for blog accountability!! Round table cloth to circle skirt in a matter of minutes. Excuse my brevity - my computer mouse has decided to kick the bucket & after trying to install various driver updates without success & finally having to use my pesky & peculiar graphics pad to navigate I am just a teeeeeeensy bit, how you say... "over it" (as in, if the damn mouse weren't already broken, it certainly would be now...)

Getting a new mouse today. The sooner, the better.


  1. Well, I'd have loved to wear that tablecloth on a hot day but wow, that skirt looks so good, I could eat off it. Wait. No. I know that I can get this right...

  2. I bought a circular table cloth at the op shop a few weeks ago because I thought it had good potential to become a skirt. Needless to say it has been washed, but is still sitting in the mountain of clean washing that keeps out cupboards nice and spacious! One day I will pull the sewing machine out and see if I am brave enough to make that first cut. Love your new skirt.

  3. I love it, it looks great! The colours and patterns are really pretty in your new skirt.:)

  4. Ooh and ever so much aahhh. Super fantastic table skirt you have made there!
    Also, what kind of voodoo is it that you do to your recent photos? It's smashing and I want to try. Unless of course it's a top secret sort of thing, then I may just have to resort to trying to figure it out myself...oh the horror.

  5. fantastic refashioning. makes a gorgeous skirt! what fantastic fabric.

  6. Fantastic, love it! I want one! Did you use a pattern or tute or just wing it?

  7. looks awesome vic!
    you crafty mumma :)

  8. Ahhhhhhh, muchos gracias chicas!

    So nice to come home to sweet comments about an old table cloth...!

    Tas - *sigh* ;)

    Jodie - Thank you hon - YOU may be one of those soon, hey...?! ;)

  9. Excellent job Vic- you wear it well ;)

  10. I just adore that fantastic table cloth skirt, what a great idea!


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