….that time again…!


It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to make for Softies For Mirabel this year… how fast did that go?! Massive thanks to Pip for continuing to organise & co-ordinate this inspiring soft toy drive, & look at that wee lamb… a Jess original of course!

Will you be joining in the feel good & do good making this year? This is what I made last year, and managed to post off *just* in the knick of time;


I think I’ll have to get my softie sorted asap this year though, me thinks I’ll be a bit busy/overwhelmed/exhausted after next month!


  1. so excited softies for mirabel time has arrived - I had planned to make one last year and ran out of time, so I'm starting early too, in the hope I can make amends!

  2. Oh, yes indeed I will try my hand at a softie & join in!

  3. I totes will be joining in. I LOVE this time of year and love doing a softie for Mirabel.
    BTW you are gorgeous for you sweet words about Enid.
    I have to say Enid and I are rather chuffed.
    Now what to make......

  4. YAY Enid is starring in the mirabel promo!

    It is on my list! Of course.

  5. Wow, the doll you made last year is amazing! I love her feet...and her HAIR! Stunning!


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