The Solo Opshop Shuffle.

So it seems that my recently acquired ‘Punk Free Monday’ is rapidly becoming ‘Opshopping Solo’ day, of course Le Punk still comes on the regular oppy jaunt – she does love a bit of 10 cent book goodness, or 50 cent truck joy – but man it’s nice to dawdle about at my leisure…!


Fave find for the day is this luffly pristine vintage toiletries case – it still has the tag attached the keys (both of them!) taped inside. It smells of old lady talc & is just adorable.



Bubba#2 scored a pack of brand new rainbow cloth nappies – we had some for Le Punk but they are long gone – an electric guitar onesie & a funky robot tee that will be used for room decor for a year before he can wear it…!


I found The Punk a tonne of books, both contemporary & vintage, because well, they’re 10 cents & I can’t help myself when it comes to books, shoes, play dough cutters…


Damn I love opshopping.

(Coincidentally, ‘Opshopping Solo’ day today coincides with the slightly delayed ‘Flea Market Finds’ over at Her Library Adventures!)


  1. Yes! I have a couple of those makeup cases and they both smell of talc. Just like my mother's did 35 years ago. And I can appreciate the solo opshopping experience, although it is one of the best shopping experience with little ones. I just plonk them in front of the toys and books. Just one more excellent thing about opshopping!

  2. Fantastic finds! I LOVE the little case, gorgeous.

  3. You gotta love those alone oppy times, no matter how good our kiddies are, it's pure bliss!
    Love the beauty bag, what a great find!

  4. Oooh, love that case. Enjoy your time Vic!

  5. Ouch...lol.. I have a beauty case exactly like that...still....lol..:) Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Old lady talc - I can smell it now. How wonderful to find it in such pristine condition. Just gorgeous. Nothing like the buzz of shopping on your own.

  7. OOO Love the case, it's in fabulous condition, well done

  8. sooo jealous! love a good little case!
    did I tell you I love it!!!!

  9. The case looks like something that an Avon Lady might have had! Great finds and the kids are well catered for too.

  10. wow that beauty case sure was a FAB find!

  11. i love the makeup case ... i've been looking for one forever and no luck whatsoever. lucky you.
    My Flea Market Find

  12. What a great haul! I managed to get a great pile of books for cheap today for my kids too :)

    Also letting you know that I nominated you for an award over on my blog :)


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