Good morning Sunshine!


We woke up this morning to some SUN! It really is amazing what a difference a little sun can make to your mood, it makes you want to jump out of bed rather than hide under the covers…


…& have a mini-photo shoot before breakfast!


Here is Miss Punk’s new hat, I made it yesterday, from her colour specifications (bloody pink, pink, pink, pink….) using the Make It Perfect Lazy Days Hat pattern. You see, tomorrow, *sniffle*, Punkerella is going to a few hours of day-care for the very first time. I am super nervous, perhaps more for myself than for her – she has never been looked after by somebody else before. I have never had to pack her lunch for her, so that she, like a big girl, could partake without me. I know I am going to cry. Or at least blame my watery eyes on hay fever. Or something. I digress… THE HAT. Since we’ve not seen sunshine for months, her previous summer hats have been lost &/or grown out of, so she needed a new one to be allowed to play outside at day-care.


I thought, as I presented it to her yesterday, how good it is that I can make some of the things she needs, just like that. Sure my stitching may be a bit wonky, & I may have actually SHED SOME BLOOD (…first sewing machine needle incident in quite some time), but she loves it, we didn’t have to shop around for something that wasn’t emblazoned with Bratz girls shaking their booties & it didn’t cost me a thing.


Wish me luck for tomorrow, won’t you… I’ll be the Mother sobbing at the door while her not-so-little-anymore little girl runs off to explore with new friends.


(Oh, & I think I might draw the winner of the pattern giveaway tomorrow, to give me time to get your address & post it off on Wednesday, so if you haven’t entered yet, do so here.)


  1. The hat is fantastic! And I love the slogan on the shirt... very Miss Punk!! x

  2. Punky will have so much fun, and the time will fly by. Before you know it, you'll be heading back to pick her up.

  3. Ooh, that reminds me Jack will need a new sunhat before the school holidays end. Might involve a trip to the shops in our case, as opposed to me finding time to make one!

  4. That hat is ace - your stitching doesn't look at all wonky .... and I can't see any sprays of aterial blood, so hopefully the needle accident wasn't too bad!

    Hope Miss Punk has a lovely time tomorrow! I'm with Curlypops ... I think you'll find the time will fly.

  5. Le punk will LOVE it!
    I know exactly how you feel because Aidan has been my hang out buddy since birth. in saying that though, I am sure Le Punk will love hanging out with other kiddies & making a mess somewhere else ;)
    goodluck Ms Vic, i'll be thinking of you ♥

  6. THe hat is gorgeous Vic, and Punky seems to agree.
    It looks perfect to me by the way
    GOod luck for tomorrow, it's a big change, thinking of you xo

  7. That top picture is my favourite Punky picture EVER! good luck for tomorrow, sometimes I think all of motherhood is letting go! but don't worry it will be fun, truly really. Just the first time you get to pee by yourself in forever, maybe you'll think this is not so bad!

  8. We had some fantastic sunshine here this morning too, but before I knew it the sun had gone and we had boring grey clouds again. Glad you got to enjoy the sun this morning. Love Punky's hat and the pink looks great with the blue spotty! Good luck tomorrow with day care.

  9. Great hat :)
    And good luck for tomorrow

  10. Fab hat, reminds me I really need to make one too.

    My Miss C has her first day in daycare on Tues, she has been going to someone for a couple of mornings, but she's a friend so Cara already knew her well. It's is scary, there will be tears from both of you, but you will be fine. I actually cried more the day Miss C ran in all excited and waved goodbye without a 2nd glance, now that was heartbreaking!

  11. It is nice to have a bit of sunshine isn't it? We had a whole total of 3 minutes here today, hmph!

    The hat looks great! It is nice to be able to sew things up just like that! And it will be part of Miss Punk's fond memories of you when she is all grown up.

  12. oh that hat looks great! well done! and all the best for tomorrow! x

  13. Gorgeous hat. Best of luck with tomorrow, it will be hard but well worth it especially in the coming months. Try to enjoy it.

  14. awww what a big day tomorrow is, goodluck and remember you ARE allowed to cry, its a pretty big deal, don't be ashamed to cry :)
    just think of the extra time to yourself now, and the friends she is going to make!! :D
    oh and the hat is perfect, awesome sewing skills miss :)

  15. Fantastic Hat!!! Good luck today with the drop off at child care.. I agree with the others that the time will just fly. I know that feeling that is in your heart at the thought of letting your little one be cared for by someone else..It gets easier each time.
    You will feel much better when you pick her up and she says that she had such a fun day..:-)


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