Are You a Twit?

Just joined twitter (punky_and_me). I don’t know why (well… to enter a giveaway actually… first time I have ever been tempted…) or what I’m doing. I’m following some of you that I stumbled upon accidentally…



What does one talk about… exactly? What do YOU use it for?


  1. Yes I got sucked into the vortex that is twitter. It is actually cool if you just ahve random things floating around in your head that you want to put out there. I follow a few bloggers, political journos & of course Oprah. If you have a bloke (like mine) that works late sometimes it's a good online conversation. It's actually a good way to get answers to questions sometimes! (Yes I need to get out more!)

  2. I'm still deciding how and what to use it for. Sometimes it's like following a huge all-in conversation between all the bloggers you're following ... and that can feel kinda weird if you're not participating. Too much like eaves dropping!

  3. i don't get it and I don't think it would be safe of me to put all the thoughts that swim into my head into the public arena. Blogging is enough for me. x

  4. It's kinda fun to use to just get random things out of your head. You must beware that sometimes it all gets a little bit too much, and thats when I stay away for a few days!
    PS - Happy Birthday

  5. Nope Im not a Twitterer nor a Facebookerer. I become engrossed in other peoples lives too easily and it ends up bothering me hehe. I would request your Twittery friendship if I were on there though. ENjoy!

  6. i have a twitter, but find it hard to really use it... i post some random things at work, and have it set so that anytime i post a new blog, twitter announces it, but other than that... don't use it too much!

  7. Oi, who you calling a twit??? That's a bit personal, isn't it??? ;-)

    I joined so I could follow a couple of crafters, but then I suffered from information overload - blogging is more than enough for me, it seems.... I've never tweeted though, didn't do more than set up the account and read a few tweets from other people!

    Happy birthday xx

  8. I am too frightened to twitter. I think I will get sucked in and spend even more time on the internet than I probably should. What do you say on these things anyway? Let me know when you find out and happy belated b'day. I got an itouch last year and I love it when my husband isn't travelling with it.

  9. Yep a twit all the way! I love Anabel Crabbs political tweets and Leigh Sales and some wry comedians. It's good for posting witty one liners - which means I don't tweet very often!
    Also lots of giveaways are tweeted so its a bit of fun to enter too!

  10. no, not a twit!
    agree with Cath, blogging is much more fun.
    let us know how you go though.


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