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The Boy has taken Le Punk Gymbaroo-ing for me, I couldn’t think of much worse than having to get up & down with her to do dances & whatnot, moaning & groaning as I would, so I got to stay home & do NOTHING. Ah!


My Creative Space today then is pretty damn relaxed. I posted off my swap package yesterday so I don’t have many pressing responsibilities in the craft department – apart from my Pay It Forward gifts, all 3 of which are yet to leave my house, one of which that is yet to leave my mind’s eye… so I thought I would get at least one of them ready to post off, in anticipation of being able to afford the exorbitant overseas postage by next pay day…! (If the recipient is reading this, thinking that I had posted her sumpin sumpin already, because I may have said I was all set to… then *coughs* it is coming. Slowly….)

Thanks as always to Kirsty for being a gracious & crafty host…


  1. So nice to be able to relax a bit I bet...Enjoy some free time!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you got a wee break, it is much deserved. I must get to my PIFs ASAP! But it seems, the only thing I am capable of is sewing for school and running around mad like to get things in order for fall.

  3. enjoy your break and I hope you are feeling better! have fun with your creating!

  4. Niiiiice! Enjoy your relaxation time.

  5. Enjoy your little break. I hope you gets lots of craftyness and resting done.

  6. Doing nothing is my absolute favourite pasttime. I would contentedly do nothing at all forever if I could. I'm that good at it. x

  7. i am sure you deserve the relax... i would like to relax too...

    hope you are feeling better for having some time out!

  8. you are so funny ... but then again, the germination is part of the creative process. isn't it? LOL

  9. oh i love when the house is quiet..
    enjoy your little bit of "me" time.
    You are a mum, you deserve it!!!!..


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