Teapot… erm… pots…


I have been persisting in trying to get some Spring cleaning done around here even though it feels like anything but Spring – a glimpse of sunshine is followed by a drop in the temperature & clouds converging en masse – still, a couple of days ago it was the kitchen’s turn for a clean out.

Our kitchen is tiny. Teeny weenie ennie even. It’s also pretty badly equipped & laid out, but that’s another ‘when will we ever get around to renovating it, exactly’ kind of story. Basically, the bitsy size & lack of storage means that there isn’t enough room for my usual accumulation of kitschy whatnots, & finally admitting this I purged some teapots from my just-to-look-at collection & contemplated them sadly, thinking ‘…back to the opshop with ye!’. Just as I was thinking about finding a box to pack them away in, I glanced outside & saw The Boy’s potting bench with his many seedlings growing merrily away…

*insert light bulb here*

Teapot pots! Oui!

A quick Google told me it was possible, & off I scurried to get me a masonry drill bit.


Let me just say, that drilling into something ceramic for the first time is completely & utterly TERRIFYING!


Let me also say that a $3.75 drill bit will get you through three teapots, & only just. I think I might need to invest in a better quality one, because I have a whole lot more herbs to gather, & see little wee teacup planters in my future….


(I just pierced a few holes in the bottom of the bread tin with a nail, and the l’elephants were planters already…)



  1. They look amazing, what a fabulous idea!

  2. Adorable!!!! Loven the collection

  3. Well done drilling the holes! I had a craft project planned earlier in the year which was gong to involve drilling dozens of tiny holes in a porcelain plate. I tried with a ceramic drill bit, which barely made a dent because ceramic (used for tiles, toilets etc) and porcelain (used for plates and teapots, one of the hardest materials on earth) are thoroughly different things! I turned out the diamond tipped drill bit I would need for my project would cost $70, and I had no idea how many holes that $70 would make. So my project was abandoned. :-(

  4. They look great....the handles and spout probably make them easier to carry, too. I can't wait to see what size teapot you would use to add LEMON to the collection....lol.. Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. Cute idea! I could never bring my finds back to the oppie. Never!

  6. They look fabulous :) And the horticulturalist in me was guessing the herbs by the tiny leaf shots in the first photo lol
    Pizza Thyme is a really love herb to both grow and use too :)

  7. Awesome job. What a way to keep those great finds hanging around for just a little bit longer!

  8. Oh Vic, they look so very lovely all together like that. You clever goose!

  9. Vic, those looks great! What an excellent idea. :)

  10. Thank so much peeps... I was pretty chuffed myself to be honest... & now I have an excuse to buy MORE teapots.... mwahahahahaha... ;)

  11. very cool Ms Vic!
    so that's how you drill it..ahhaaa!
    I have a cracked cup waiting to be used as a planter.

  12. they look totally divine Vic. What a great idea.xo

  13. I love that pot idea. I've seen teacups used too but I'm not as brave as you to use that powertool. Have fun creating some more pretty pots. xo


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