A teeny bit of link love…

Sometimes you come across things on le internets that you just LOVE. More often you come across things that are cool or interesting, but that big love is reserved for extra special things like these… (I have been meaning to share these two for a little bit, but for some reason I wanted to post 3 things instead of 2…? OCD much? Anywho, when the third thing was not forthcoming, I thought I best not be selfish any longer….)


#1 is from Maya Made – oh how I adore this idea – an apron smock from two vintage half aprons!!! Oh! Yes! They do say that the best ideas are the simplest ones, & this is the epitome of that, I think!


I have quite the thing for vintage aprons, but I like to look at them more than I wear them (though I should wear them, I’m a grot & a half…), but something like this? Something so damn cute? I could wear this. Out of the house even…. head on over to see how to make your own!



#2 I came upon via a link posted on Crafty Mamas by the far-internet-wandering Zofia. I. Want. One. Um… I mean… bubba#2 would like one. In the nursery. Yes. That’s what I mean.

Pretty much the most adorable robot I have ever seen, and again you can make one if you’re all knitty clever & pop over to Little Cotton Rabbits.


  1. My god that Robot is just about the cutest Robot toy I've ever seen.
    You can knit can't you?
    WHen are you due BTW? xo

  2. That robot just rocks and it so topical on your blog at the moment as well!

  3. I am actually not one to spruik much, but have you seen this???



  4. LOVE that robot! The apron smock is lovely but, I think I'd end up looking like a whale in one!

  5. You have definitely made some great finds there :) Have a good week, Jenny

  6. :) Have found spounge and sourced yarn - will be all systems go for you soon on the recreation of this little bot. Thinking Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow (is that ok? - that is what I can get:)


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