Library bound.

Le Punk & I are off to the library in a bit, to stock up on new reading material. I just finished Two Caravans By Marina Lewycka (& Punky is quite finished with Spot Has a Party & Dear Zoo, thank you very much…), it was good apart from the ending (too often am I disappointed by a below par ending to an otherwise perfectly good book), & I am trying to remember if I read her best selling Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine. I do remember it was popular at work way back when, I certainly picked it up…


…anywho, in the meantime, I have started Anna Karenina by Tolstoy on my iPod – I thought it would hurt my eyes trying to read a book on the little screen but it isn’t too bad at all, if you have an iPod touch (she says smugly, although not as smugly as she would if she had an iPad…) or an iPhone, get yourself the Stanza or iBooks app & go to town; you can then buy books just as you can for any e-reader, but the best part is the amount of awesome free books available, classics like indeed Anna Karenina, Dracula & Animal Farm. (There is a bunch of girly stuff available too, like Emma, but that is not really my cup of tea…)

If you don’t have any sort of e-reader, you can still read literature on your PC if you are so inclined; Project Gutenberg is a great place to start, & although I may be the last to know about it, Scribd is pretty dandy too.


  1. Oh man I tried Anna a few years ago but the sheer WEIGHT of the book hurt my wrists (and my brain). Perhaps reading it in this manner would be less intimidating .... food for thought.

  2. Anna Karenia is one of my all time favourite books. I LOVE it. Dracula is another favourite of mine... particularly reading it and then viewing the various film interpretations. So very very interesting. I don't think Emma is particularly girly... but I will grant you that the first eight chapters are S-L-O-W!
    As for Animal Farm ... well I just never really got into it. Perhaps I should give it another go... but from memory I just could never get over how 'smelly' the book was. Hanging out in a pig pen ain't my idea of a good time.

    Enjoy your trip to the library... and get home put your feet up and rest!

  3. I am wondering whether I need to go and look for "Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine" at the library. I'm sure it would be a hit with the smalls. But then again, maybe its available as an eBook? (No library late fines that way!)

  4. I am not as new fangled as you, and have to deal with paper and turning pages and stuff for now. HMPH!

  5. I have read "Two Caravans", though I wonder why was it named "Strawberry Fields" in North America ("marketable" title?). Loved it.


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