Say “Day-care!”


…that’s what I told her this morning to get this big grin – you can see we’ve been talking it up. Thank you all for your lovely messages of support regarding my being a blubbering mess for Punkster’s first ever day of day-care today, they were very much appreciated.

She LOVED IT. Loved it with a crazy, manic, hyper love – she was bouncing off the walls when we got home telling me everything she got up to, & I am so glad, but leaving her this morning was still hard… for me. She had run off to play with hardly a second thought – I had to cajole a goodbye hug out of her before I left! She was only there for 4 hours, & yes you smarty-pants-lot, you were right, it did go fast, but I have felt weird all day. Nervous & emotional & just plain weird.

So what did I do with my Punk-free time? What do you think, really?



I opped. At a leisurly pace. I didn’t have to keep an eye on the toy section, or drag a disgruntled Punk about like a stubborn ragdoll, or leave without having a really good rummage.


(Some goodies: bookshelf for bubba#2’s room, a coat rack (to be painted & robotised), sea-monster wooden pull along toy, coathanger with knitted cover, a ‘paint your own’ robot canvas, quilt cover that I’m going to make into curtains & a gorgeous red bag I had ummmed & ahhhhed over last time I was in…& regretted not getting, obviously meant for me because it was still there…)


And I had lunch with My Boy, without having to pick up things from the floor or give up most of my drink… nice, but not-quite-right feeling…


  1. hooray she loved it!
    You will be better on day 2 I'm sure ;)
    and yay for child-free rummaging...I had to bribe mine to go today!

  2. SO thrilled she loved it!!! Big YAY for you too for getting through it all, and look at all the great opping you got up to amoung other super things as well.

  3. That is fantastic ! I understand about the not quite right bit but it does get easier .

  4. Yay she loved it. I so totally get all your feelings though, My 2 yr old recently started family day care for the first time ever and he also loves it but those first couple weeks I sure felt weird. Slowly getting over the weirdness now though. Oh and jealous of your kid free opping time.

  5. I am so glad that she ahd a ball Vic. As hard as it is to know that she can have fun without you, it is about having some "you" time and some time just for you and the new bub when he arrives. My little one, unlike her brothers who ran off without a backward glance, cries each Tuesday morning as daddy drives her there- then she eats, plays and generally has a fabulous time till I pick her up. So I am glad that it all went to plan :)

  6. yay for Punky & yay for you too!!
    I know that not quite right feeling, glad you got to have some you time though.

  7. It takes a bit of getting used to. I would call to check on them every time for the first few months. The girls at childcare were really good about it.

    Loving the red bag, you were definitely meant to have it :-)

  8. Ooooo so thrilled she loved it and hip hooray for you doing the op-therapy routine, works every time ;) Fabo finds too. xo.


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