Opshop Odds & Sods.

You could be forgiven for thinking that I had given up opping, there has been a distinct lack of thrifted goodies turning up on the blog; it is true that I have been going less, what with the weather, feeling craptacular, Le Punk getting a cold, trying to sort out the house etc, etc, etc, but you know I could never give it up entirely.

My most exciting find recently, & perhaps sadly, were a few proper maternity tops in my size that looked nice, snatched just before closing on a half price sale day – to say I was chuffed would be quite the understatement.

Here are a couple more recent finds;


I found this picture on my birthday opping trip – I glanced up & it was on the wall – I never look at the wall – and there it was. Oddly, both of their faces remind me of one of my brother’s… Dandy, if you’re reading – more so the girl. People always thought you were a girl with your long curls… ;) Apart from quite liking the painting itself - it IS a print, upon closer inspection - when I got it down to see the price tag I saw all these old newspaper clippings taped to the back; people actually do/did that… I think that was the reason I decided to buy it, more than the picture itself…



This cute lil’planter would have been a much better buy had it not been replacing an even cuter one that was decapitated a few weeks ago…


…and FABRIC. A massive bag full for $5, & smurf sheets… don’t know what I”m going to do with any of it yet, but that is hardly the point when opping OR buying fabric, is it?!

See the lovely Sophie for more thrifty goodness.


  1. The Brother and sister print is by an artist named Roth. I love mid century kitsch art and I just bought this exact print online. Here is a link with more info for you. http://www.tretchikoff.com.au/id25.html
    Excellent op shop find!

  2. oh, I like that painting, but the fabric at $5 for the bag.... sigh!

  3. I love the fabric: so true about hardly being a point whether you know what to do with it when buying fabric.
    & those smurf sheets: jealous!!

    I have become quite skilled in filling bags at various fill a bag sales. :o)

  4. Great finds! Make jammies for Punk out of the smurf sheets. They would be more for spring/summer. I've been collecting vintage sheets for months to get enough to make all five grown daughters pajama pants.

  5. Nice haul!! Big smiles on the fabric front :-)

  6. Love the planter...actually I love it all. Smurf sheets!

  7. Sweet scores! That picture is kind of haunting, and the clippings are so random - love that kind of quirkiness. Man, I got a rush just looking at your finds, I'm such a thrift store junkie... ;)

  8. smurf sheets. SMURF SHEETS!!!! oh my god. so so very much want! in fact, if i think really hard about it, i think my mum may have made me smurf pillow slips when i was young. might just have to see if she still has them...


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