Project Underpants.

(Isn’t that the best post title you have ever seen?!)

I saw a post from Kid Independent in my reader this morning about a very worthy cause & knew I had to get involved. I know that we are bombarded with good causes & suitable places to send donations to every single day, & that there is never enough of anything – money, donations, volunteers – to go around, but, and this may have a lot to do with the pregnancy hormones here, I read about this project, this cause, and got more than a little teary.

Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids provides much needed essential & personal items to children in the foster care system. Our goal is to collect 500 pairs of brand new knickers to donate to the cause, and we need your help!

Project Underpants Campaign + Competition

What we’re asking you to do is to pledge a few pairs of undies during September towards our 500 pair total. The undies will go into care packages created by Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids, to be given to children going into care. Underpants should be brand new, in sizes 3 and up and either for boys or girls {or both}.

Already I have two multi-packs of little girl’s undies to donate – I picked up some extras when I got Le Punk some earlier today (wishful thinking on my part – potty training tips over here please!), & I fully intend to pick up a few more whenever I can until the end of the month when they need to be sent in. I could care less about the possibility of a prize, although that is a great incentive for those who might not otherwise get involved, but don’t you think, really, that 500 pairs of undies for kids in need should be easily reached? If all of us grab a few packs throughout the month, if all of us tell at least one other person & THEY grab a few packs throughout the month… shouldn’t we exceed that goal?

I think we should. I hope we do.

Since having Le Punk I have thought a lot about kids that for whatever reason have to be put into care, & my heart goes out to them. To think of a little girl like mine being in harms way or having to leave her family for some other reason, to think of her having to live in uncertainty with people she doesn’t know, with things that aren’t hers & issues I can’t begin to imagine… if I can help a little girl like mine (or a little boy, or a young man, or a teenage girl…) in that situation in any way at all, I am going to do it.

I had never heard of Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids before today, but you can bet your bottom dollar (or even better, donate it…) that I will be supporting them & their fantastic cause as much as I can from now on. Here you can find out what else they need for their backpacks & how you can help.


  1. See Raglan Guld for a great tip on toilet training. Cherrie

  2. Thanks Cherrie & YEAH Leonie... there is that hard cold heart of yours again... ;)

  3. Thank you lovelies! xo (...and you are right Cath, it IS too easy!)

  4. I only briefly had a look...but where do we send the little knickers!?


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