Reality Bites.


Mud, rain, puddles, cold… THIS is the first day of Spring.


  1. I'm with you there! I'm a teacher and we just had to have wet weather timetable at recess. This is so not how spring is supposed to be!

  2. Yup! Whouldn't you know it, after all that gorgeous sunshine just to tease us...

  3. O no! Come up to the mid north coast of NSW. It's a perfect spring day today. You are hit by the warmth as you open the door, the birds are singing, the weeds are springing.... Cherrie

  4. Sorry you got a grey first day of spring. Up here in sunny Queensland we have a picture perfect start to spring. I reality it has been spring for a little while up here. The kids next door were playing footy in bare feet and with no shirts on the footpath at twilight yesterday – in winter!
    I hope your mysterious pain disappears mysteriously, at any rate I think you have figured out the right prescription with some gentle crafting.


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