Time warp…


I’ve put up Punky’s old cot & started, finally, on Bubba#2’s room… it made me all nostalgic for my plump little Pumpkin child *sniffles*…


Two years ago;

We lived in Melbourne.

I hated our rental house.

My hair was long.

I didn’t blog.

I couldn’t drive.

My Punk was a deliciously squishable ball of chub.


…so really… all I miss from two years ago is a squishy baby, & perhaps long hair, but with any luck I shall have both again!

What were you up to two years ago? Does it seem an age ago or ‘just yesterday’?


  1. Two years ago I was in tears many times a day over how horrible breastfeeding was. Fun times! Guess what I'll be doing again next week...

  2. Two years ago we'd just moved back to Melbourne from Sydney and I was so happy to be "home" (even though I'm actually from NSW). Have fun getting the room ready!

  3. 2 years ago I was 5 months preg with Bubba#3 We were renting at the time and had decided to start looking for a house to buy.
    Kid#2 had just turned 2 and Kid#1 was 3 :)

  4. Awww what a cutie pie chub she was. Two years ago this time I was marking the days off the calendar for the end of Hubby's deployment to Iraq. How does time stand still and fly all at the same time? :)

  5. 2 years ago we just moved into our brand new house with a 5 month old.......just sold it last night and am on the move to mornington hello beach....just popped to have a look at your blog "time warp" caught my eye...thanks for sharing lisa

  6. OOh. cute little Punky.
    2 years ago, I had a wee little Z, going on 8 months, Alex was all confidence in Grade 1, and T was 4 and in her element at kinder.
    Things were getting messy around here...what's new ;)
    Thanks for the trip.

  7. Two years ago I started my degree and am almost ready to graduate in aprox 6 weeks.
    As for your little squishy baby is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!

  8. hmm we'd just left mission beach north qld in our kombi on our trip around oz! right about now i reckon we were hiking across hinchinbrook island. Aaaaages ago!

  9. What a little cutie:) Wow 2 years ago seems like forever I really had to think about it. I still had Miss 6 at home with me and my big girl wasn't as tall. Oh how I miss having my little munchkin at home with me:( but they have to grow. Enjoy getting the new bubs room ready.xo

  10. squishy little punky!
    2 years ago, we were in our new home, fixing it up & still continuing to this day.
    enjoy the little moments

  11. Two years ago I was working full-time, coming home to a lovely little toddler and her SAHD, and living in a rental at the beach.

    oh how we're going to miss the beach now :(


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