…is my middle name.

Seriously, if there were an award for the most procrastinating procrastinator, it would assuredly go to me. There would be a parade. Fanfare. Tickertape. I would get a medal. It would be hobbled together MacGyver style from a sink tap, a paddle pop stick & some tape, because the award would come from The Royal Society of Procrastinators, and they wouldn’t have been very prepared for the ceremony.

I digress… (another of my great, yet useless, skills…)


I have been ever so slowly trying to clean out the spare room over the last few days – also known as bubba#2’s nursery to be – but things are not progressing as they should be. There are so many distractions… boxes to be opened, books to be looked at, things to be sorted… it reminds me very much of how I used to spend days to weeks “cleaning” my room when it was demanded of me by my poor Mother. I would walk in, all gung-ho, begin by piling everything on top of my bed (for easier ‘sorting out’ purposes), finding all sorts of interesting & time-consuming things along the way. “Oh, that’s where that went!”, “I forgot I even had this!”, etc, and then sometime after 1am I would look at the mountain of crap on my bed, shrug, and sleep on the floor. Ah. Memories.


That is very similar to what is going on in the spare room/nursery/junk haven right now. Yesterday I found a bunch of sketch books & spent ages flicking through them, they’re not even from that long ago really, but still, it’s funny what you forget doing/drawing, & what you remember. I thought I’d share a couple of pics that I don’t think I’ve blogged before, so that my time procrastinating wasn’t entirely wasted.


The one below was something I was playing with for a while & then Cam had her Superpops challenge… well, I was already half way there…!



  1. Dear Vic, you are fairly fricking good at drawing. Love from Nelle.

  2. You wouldn't have an October birthday would you???
    from The Queen of the Procrastinators (just ask my Mum!)

  3. LOVE your illustration of the goddess! totally gorgeous. have any more? :)


  4. sweet as, you are a wicked illustrator

  5. I think I could totally keep up with you when it comes to procrastinating. I bet I'd win the battle.

    By the way, you are super-talented and your drawings are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! I love the starry hairdo of the lady, even if the theme of the picture is not my style at all.

    I'd love to see more :).

  6. How cool! I love SuperPops's early incarnation, and I seriously adore your sketch bird/turtle/dragon!

  7. You are a super talented artist Vic. Those drawings are amazing. xo

  8. I have been clearing a room of my stuff and my partner's stuff that expanded into a room vacated by a dependent who became independent. She's decided she'd like to be dependent again - what is it with 19 to 30-year-olds these days? Anyhoot the pile of creative things I was working on needs to be shoved back into the dark nook of some cupboard. How did we ever fit this child in before? Oh, hang on, that's right, we didn't have a life. (Can you sense a little simmering resentment? It's all good really we're just wishing it was a fair world and we could say "I told you so" and have a little tantrum ... apparently parents don't do that ... we chose to have the child, so it's out problem really ... apparently - and I should be out on a technicality, I got the child in a job lot and there was no returns department.)

  9. Great drawings! I love going over old art work.
    I too am a terrible procrastinator, I hate it!

  10. Aah, procrastination - it's a skill. I like to think it might even be an art!
    And I'm also doing a damn good job of perfecting it ( ie reading fabulous blogs instead of doing one hundred other not so fabulous things.)
    Some may even say it's a disease but I think they're just jealous.
    Love your drawings!

  11. i think i could challenge you for the procrastination title. i still do the pile things on the bed style of clean-up (although i don't sleep on the floor, i simple move the pile back there when i want to sleep). and your drawings are fabulous as always!


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