Orange Jack-O-Lanterns! Halloween How To.

Not only is October Blogtoberfest month, it's Halloween month too! Halloween isn't really a big thing in Australia though I so wish it were... there are lots of things I wish for; to grow a real money tree, to meet a fairy, the power of invisibility.... none of those are going to come true any time soon.
No Matter!
The Punky household can still indulge in some spooky fun, no matter what the neighbours may think!
Depending on what sort of time I find on my hands, I intend to craft up some more Halloween goodness in the next few weeks, but I made Orange Jack-O-Lanterns today; they are super quick, super easy & super cute.

How To In Comic Strip Form:

So, that is (in case that graphic is too weird for you...);

  1. Gather up your supplies- Oranges, a bowl, a sharp knife, a tea light candle, a marker & a spoon.
  2. Set your orange down so you know the best angle for it to sit still & steady.
  3. Mark the face.
  4. Slice off top of orange (keep the top!) & scoop out all the pulp into the bowl.
  5. Carve out features with your knife, if you put the spoon back against the side you are carving you won't go through to the other side accidentally.
  6. WASH OFF THE GOOP! There will be much goop (why I drew the process instead of photographing it!) and you will be sticky.
  7. Place a tea light candle inside your wee jack & light it, place lid on carefully.
  8. Voila!

Of course I don't have to tell you not to leave these babies unattended but I will anywho... Don't leave them unattended!! If you have long burning tea candles I would recommend leaving the orange top off, I promise it'll still look cool!


  1. A great idea! I bet they look even better after they've shriveled a bit! And they smell better than the average pumpkin, too. Thanks!

    P.S. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog, you made my day. I'm glad we've found each other.

  2. How cute!

    I love Halloween! I miss it.

  3. Lol!!1 Way too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea and tutorial, I find pumpkin carving an arduous task that ends with very sore wrists! I might just give these orange ones a go this Halloween!

  5. Great idea...but they look like evil oranges! How will I be able to sleep now?

  6. Hehe Tas - they're for Halloween - they are SUPPOSED to look evil... ;) *mwahahahahaha*

  7. This is the most creative way to do a tutorial I have ever seen! I love it and what fun an orange jack would be!!



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